Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review & Commentary On The Agents of Shield Trailer

So Agents of Shield is premiering tonight.
I'm getting together with friends and we're going to be dealing with going through the new show that there's been hints teasing and flirting with the public for months now. 

I've got to admit there is a part of me that is more then a bit reluctant for this to hit ABC.

Yeah, Yeah, Joss Wheadon and his track record. But I've grown up with Shield from the 70's with Nick Fury and beyond into the 'Ultimates' series where the movies actually have their roots. So this being a prime time show might actually have some interesting twists and turns.

Shield has always been more then a bit bit dicey in terms of how it operates in the Marvel universe. From LMD to the helicarrier, this is an organization that's been conned, reconned, and rereconned again.
 But this is Marvel and so I remain hopeful especially with stuff  like this trailer. So we'll, wait, watch, and see. 
Agent Coulson is just a great character! 

Here's wiki's break down on everything Shield related
Right over
Spoilers AHEAD! You've been warned! 

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