Monday, September 23, 2013

Return To The Tomb of the Cylons Part II - Screwing with the Angels - Stars Without Number Rpg 70's Sci Fi - Actual Play

Part one right HERE
What mysteries does The  Saggitaron IV system hold? 

And An Angel Shall Fall 

 In case your just joining us, The PC's have gone into more then a slight panic.
While running a routine sensor scan of a nearby asteroid. The sky has been filled with incredibly strange glowing star ships that don't register completely on their ship's sensors.
The players were aboard another refitted, "Antares Class star ship".  The USS Waterbury is a low risk, high profit merc ship which is actually an ship that handles high priory ultra black and ultra violet missions.
 They have various trained personnel on board for many missions. The players are playing the various department heads in this game.

Things planet side seem to be getting complicated as the PCs meet with a 'Jim Jones' style prophet of the 'Gods' named Splinder whose been opposed to the 'USS Waterbury's' presence in the system. 

Splinder is convinced that whatever happened to the John Brown was divine in nature and that's when the Ships of Light showed  up.

They make things very interesting. 

 Things have gotten real ugly real fast for our intrepid players.
 They're ship gets buzzed by the 'Ships of Light'!
Hundreds of spheres of light roar by their ship at break neck speed.
Instruments screw up, magnetic disturbances, weird time loss, and more happen!
 Then at the outer edge of the star system there's some sort of battle between the Ships of Light and one of their own number!
High intensity radiation flares across the party's screen and transporters are temporarily knocked out!
Suddenly a lone ship is knocked from orbit into the outer most Mars like world!
The ships leave as one and for the moment the 'Away team' is lost planet side!
There is also an energy  flare from the mining outpost on the very edge of this system.
 Every technological device planet side goes haywire for 13 seconds and then returns to normal!

Who knows what the PC's might find? What will their team mates do?
The energy readings are flaring up across the board. Weird Gamma Radiation is pouring out of that ship even as these words are being written! What is the connection to the Splindler's cult like religious faction?

What secrets does the wreckage of that ship hold and has anyone survived? 

Many of the mysteries come directly from this Battle Star Galactica episode or do they? 

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