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A 70's Sci fi Inspired Beta Max Black Stars Without Number Campaign - Space Salvage - Actual Play Background - Legend of The Battle Star Lemuria

J. H Moore writing in his book Savage Survivals (1933) wrote:
"It is believed that man evolved somewhere in southern Asia, or possibly, still further south than the present boundary of Asia, in lands now drowned by the Indian Ocean. This supposed land is called Lemuria."

 The wreckage of the Battle Star Lumeria sits in deep orbit around a relatively stable moon but this is only a temporary stop in her long, cursed voyage among the stars of the damned!
She was taken out by the Cylons relatively early in the Colonial Wars.
Commander Chandler was charged with not only the command of the vast army of colonial warriors and their Vipers but also the so called 'Keys of Kobol.' by the Council of the Twelve.
What these artifacts of the Lords of Kobol might be is lost to the ages with the destruction of Capricia. 

With the betrayal of Baltar and the destruction of the Twelve Colonies. The Cylons attacked en-mass after the Lumuria was told to stand down. The Lumuria was banished to the depths of space and its precious cargo of artifacts lost! 
She drifted for centuries. The Cylons sent three base ships devoted to recovering these artifacts including the supposed 'Control Metal'.
A key to the ships of the 'gods' but what or whom those ships might be is never discussed by sane men only the occasional star cantina philosopher or spacers.

The wreckage of Lumuria has become a sort of 'Flying Dutchman' wandering the hyperspace lanes from plane to plane & planet to planet and she has often been seen when portents of disaster looms.
 It is said that the Lumuria is actually the head of a fleet of the damned and cursed by the Cylon genocide moving across the universes and never knowing peace.

 History of the Battle Star Lemuria
There are three ships to bare the name Lemuria within the last  five hundred yahrens. They have all fought with distinguished records in the  the Thousand Yahren War against the Cylon Confederacy. That is until the disgrace of Baltar and the massacre of her commander and her crew.
There were strong connections between Baltar and the Lemuria including construction of the ship within  ship yards of colonial world of Orion. Orion has always been seen as the seat of warfare among the Twelve Colonies as many arms and armor were constructed there. All of this profit  filtering their way back into the family Baltar's coffers.
Orion has always had a somewhat unsavory reputation among the 'Twelve Colonies' and some feel that this aura has tarnished the Lemuria but Commander Chandler has in the past fought against these 'ancient curses' and 'sheer nonsense.' There was no love lost between Count Baltar and Chandler. 
Baltar  was a wealthy rare items trader whom the Cylons first approached to sue for peace and many had their suspicions about him but kept silent and this silence may be partly responsible for the 'Curse of The Lemuria'.
Still none could fault the battle record of the ship. They performed flawless over the last 30 Yahrens even amid the various refits and what have you.
The Lemuria was also one of the only Battle Stars epuipped with the 'Wall' 
" The Wall - a huge corridor where technicians in huge floating chairs listened with headphones, by way of the Battlestars' sensors, to everything from distant quasars, pulsars, super nova remnants and so forth, as a means to keep surveillance on possible Cylon activity or the true location of Earth."
 There were rumors and spacer legends of the Battlestar employing those with psychic or extrasensory abilities.

Even now the strong psychic aura which surrounds the wreckage seems to attract planar demons, alien parasites, undead, and the occasional Brain lasher colony where ever the hyperspace winds take the ship and its damned crew.
The Lemuria was one nautical mile in length with the standard compliment of Vipers as well as shuttles.  

Artifacts from The Battlestar Lemuria  

From time to time there have been artifacts from the Lemuria that turn up at stat bases in the possession of spacers and adventurers.

  1. Tricon card decks that tell the future of the holder. The cards change with each shuffle however. In the hands of a person with the gift they may tell of misfortune or predict hyperspace storms. 
  2. A barrel of Trylum fuel for ship to ship laser cannons +2 to all damage rolls but may clog the delicate filaments of the cannon after 2 uses. 
  3. A jacket belonging to one of the pilots of the Vipers aboard the Lemuria. There is a 20% chance of the character being possessed by the damned spirit and given a task from beyond the grave. 
  4. A laser pistol belonging to one of the Colonial warriors from the Lemuria. Adds +1 damage to all attack rolls against Cylons but there is an air of sadness when the melee is done. 
  5. A piece of the hull plating that carries with it the grief and dishonor of the Lemuria. This is a cursed artifact and those holding it are lost within the memories it contains. Almost like a narcotic those holding it will not want to let it go. A cursed item. 
  6. Bars, stars, or officer's metals these contain the rage and horror of the destruction of the Lemuria. There is a 40% chance that those who handle it will become possessed by the damned soul of the former officer. 
Inspired by Iron Maiden's Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner 

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