Thursday, June 2, 2022

OSR Session Report - Midnight at Tanière de Loup, an OSR WWII Mini-Adventure Using Operation White Box & Bloat Games's SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Core Rules

"The year is 1939 & after the communication from Dr. Jones to the U.S. government the United States along with its allies enter an unofficial clandestine war against the Axis powers. The PC's are special costumed  operatives who under cover of darkness parachute into the French countryside & into horror! "

 Finally back home after a very long day dealing with gardening, running around, & finally a bit of OSR gaming with DM Stevie's group. Today has been an OSR super game event using Operation White Box & Bloat Games's SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Core Rules but it was set prior to the events of World War II. Or at least not the WWII we know! 

To save myself time for this afternoon's mini game I downloaded "Midnight at Tanière de Loup, an OSR WWII Mini-Adventure"; "The characters are a squad sent by military intelligence to investigate why the Nazi’s have taken such an active interest in the French village of Tanière de Loup. Traveling from an air base in England, the squad completed a successful night parachute drop within five miles of the village. After stowing their parachutes, checking their weapons, and double-timing the five miles down the trail, they are crouched in the forest on a large hill overlooking the valley and Tanière de Loup." The PC's began to recon the village from seven miles away & were undercover in French 1940's clothing. The  Nazi Archaeologists & their soldiers had clandestinely taken over the village & were doing a dig in the area. Outside communication had been cut off. But life in the surrounding valley  area continued on mostly normal. But out of the one hundred residents only sixty five remain. The PC's are under the cover of being relatives of the villagers & traveling together. 
The valley & the village has an unsavory reputation going back to the Dark Ages in occult circles.  But the old church & its grave yard have been abandoned for centuries. At least they were but things were not as they seem. The PC's made it into the village undetected & were able to make contact with their local terrorified villager contact. And they were taken into the village contact's home. And their contact filled them in on the Nazi parachuting into the valley and how Tanière de Loup village had become Hell on Earth! 
And that's when the party heard scratching at the window by something or was it someone!? 

DM Steve has a 2nd level crime fighter The Dog 
Sherrie DM Steve's wife is The Mist a 3rd level spell caster 
Todd is playing a 3rd level mech pilot owner of the Hammer 
Jason playing the vigilante Punch 2rd level 
Sarah is playing Judy 2rd level vigilante 
Brian is the Red Archer 2nd level archer

All characters are using period appropriate gear from Operation White Box but will they survive the ordeal?! Tune in next week folks! 

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