Wednesday, June 22, 2022

OSR Commentary & Prep Work On White Box: Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game & A Simple Dark Europe Campaign

 One of the things over the last couple of years that we've started doing is being highly independant from everyone else in the hobby. And this includes returning to the   White Box: Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game. There's just something that works for me as a DM with  White Box: Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game on a primal level. Man vs mythology & monster in equal measure at the table top level. As the world unravels a bit it's safe to say that falling back onto an IP that doesn't disapoint is a good thing. Blood is blood & treasure is treasure we don't end up having to worry about an IP that will disapoint in a couple of months. 

And so we go back down to the Smoldering Wizard blog ( an old favorite haunt) for the White Box FMAG Reference Sheets here.  These reference sheets are exactly what will be needed in a month's time. And while there's a new version of the Smoldering Wizard blog here.  The older reference sheets are fine for my purposes. This material ties in with James & Jody Moran Mishler's 
Fairies Fair and Foul Vol. 01 From  James Mishler Games

The reason why we've been looking in this direction is the idea of a campaign of a dark mythic Europe where the times are dark, twisted, and full of the chaos of a younger world. And coming up I'd love to run a variation of the Smoldering Wizard's Adventures in Text Lair of the White Worm for 1st level PC's  Available under adventures in text section. 
This all came about rereading Three Hearts & Three Lions By Poul Anderson recently over a week ago. With the turmoil that has been going on in real life there hasn't been time enough to really write about the deep abiding love that as a dungeon master that I have for this book. 

One of my all time favorite covers of Three Hearts & Three Lions in French with the cover art having a very Michael Moorcock Elric feel about it. The whole artpiece has the feel of a Stormbringer or AD&D rpg supplement title page. 

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