Saturday, June 11, 2022

OSR Commentary On Citybook VI Up Town from Flying Buffalo For Your OSR & Old School Campaigns

 "16 fully-described businesses, organizations, and cultural establishments for use with any role-playing system, including over 70 completely developed non-player personalities to interact with your players' characters in City adventures"

So we've been looking into the possibillities of getting our usual lot of players into the deep end of higher society to take advantage of two of our fallen nobility PC's because they come from higher tiered society. And tonight we grabbed Citybook VI Up Town from Flying Buffalo.  Why?! Because of the fact that this is the perfect book to embody a late Roman Empire fantasy  style campaign. 

There's just enough of a hint of danger to keep the player's PC's from taking full advantage of some of the marks erm NPC's. Citybook VI Up Town from Flying Buffalo feels like fantasy Beverly Hills mixed in with ancient Rome with the intent of making the players sweat a bit. The businesses presented within Citybook VI Up Town are interesting & with more then a hint of the late Roman flavor I spoke of; 
Community Services: Marianrose Conservatorium; Amaranthine's Rest; Greenhargon's Museum; Ironshield Financial Services; The Reliquarium; and Lord Llewellyn Finster & Lord Wescott
Lodging & Entertainment: The Lost Inn; Gloriana Theatre; Harrow Downs; and Cydryn's Aerial Palladium
Personal Services
 Madrigan's Fine Catering; Exeter's Antique Emporium; Haprice's Golden Scissors; Feats of Clay; Hides Alive; The Cask & Bottle; and Jasmine's Fine Jewelry (and Explosives)
And because it clocks in at almost a hundred pages it has bit of something for everyone within it's pages. The DM & the players benefit from businesses that are both solidly done & yet more then a tad unsuaal to say the least. 
Citybook VI Up Town could be used with OSR game such as Adventurer, Conqueror, King with a far more high fantasy flare for a campaign to add both a bit of whimsy & a far more grittier grittier underbelly to the politic of an ACK's campaign. Back deal bargains & political intrigue going on board rooms of 
Ironshield Financial Services or the lofts or boxes of the Gloriana Theatre. 
For Castles & Crusades Citybook VI Up Town adds a bit of the sophsticated to the fantasy of the uptown fantasy aspects of a C&C campaign. 

Citybook VI Up Town from Flying Buffalo Is Available Here 

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