Sunday, June 5, 2022

Deadly Legacy - James Mishler Games Short Cuts to Adventure The Lost Gnome Mine Using Fantastic Heroes & Witchery With Dark Albion Session Report #1

 So there's been a ton of personal issues to deal with this weekend from scheduling mishaps to angry x girl friends. And I loath social media on top of all of this. Let's sweep this aside for a moment. Readers of this blog know that for the pass two or three years on and off there been Fantastic Heroes & Witchery rpg campaign on going on my watch. 

And yes this spilt over into Pundit's Dark Albion rpg campaign supplement & this later on became our Dark Europe campaign setting. We've had Cymric nobles, lost kingdoms, Arthurian influences, etc. you name it. And this brings up a fairy legacy that's been hanging out there in limbo! And so today I had my ears pinned back to run our campagin that uses Fantastic Heroes & Witchery's path through Dark Albion! 

And that brings up James Mishler Games Short Cuts to Adventure The Lost Gnome Mine. Right on the edge of one of noble's holdings that fades into the land of Fairy is the lost gnome; "Here long ago a clan of gnomes discovered a huge and beautiful black diamond. So magnificent was it, they began to worship it. Then, strange and terrible things happened, and the gnomes disappeared. But it is said that the huge black diamond, worth a king’s ransom, remains to be found…"  And this became the lost legacy for our current ruined noble on the edge of his property. So the rest of the party has gotten roped into helping their fellow party member. 
 Games Short Cuts to Adventure The Lost Gnome Mine is only eight pages long & can seamlessly be inserted into an ongoing campaign. There's a great little map & the black diamond is a nasty little servant of  Chaos & evil with its influene growing sending its tendrils into the real world slowly but surely within Wales. 

At only eight pages, we've (DM Steve & myself) have had to pad out the encounters around the old gnome mine in Fairy with the locals coming to their laird for help. And then there's the fleeing goblins! The fleeing goblins the party encountered as they made their way to the old gnome mine. And then the party encountered the hobb lord & his witch doctor advisor. There was a parley between the laird & the goblin lord who explained that they wanted to flee from the nasty influence of the mine. The party wisely returned to the noble's home to arm up & take on the evil of the mine. 
The players are not happy one little bit about the gnome mine really want to recon it before taking it on. Mission achieved on my part today. Is 
James Mishler Games Short Cuts to Adventure The Lost Gnome Mine worth the price of a dollar for a download?! In a word yes! There's enough adventure inducing meat here to flesh out what encounters and whatnot that you need to add the James Mishler Games Short Cuts to Adventure The Lost Gnome Mine to your own campaign. 

James Mishler Games Short Cuts to Adventure The Lost Gnome Mine Is Available Right Here

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