Wednesday, June 8, 2022

OSR Session Report II - Midnight at Tanière de Loup, an OSR WWII Mini-Adventure Using Operation White Box & Bloat Games's SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Core Rules

 "The year is 1939 & events in last night's super game event using Operation White Box & Bloat Games's SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Core Rules but set prior to the events of World War II. The party has parachuted into the French village of Tanière de Loup."

The village of  Tanière de Loup has an unsavory reputation going back to the Dark Ages. The party has managed to save the village priest from the nasty & rather dangerous Sturmbannführer Hoffrichter and the SS Troopers! 
To save myself time for yesterday's mini game I downloaded "Midnight at Tanière de Loup, an OSR WWII Mini-Adventure"  from David Baymiller's site. And this adventure kicks off right from here on the blog. 
The party consists of the following:

DM Steve has a 2nd level crime fighter The Dog - He's been killed by Sturmbannführer Hoffrichter 
Sherrie DM Steve's wife is The Mist a 3rd level spell caster has taken over leadership of the operation 
Todd is playing a 3rd level mech pilot owner of the Hammer 
Jason playing the vigilante Punch 2rd level 
Sarah is playing Judy 2rd level vigilante 
Brian is the Red Archer 2nd level archer

The party has had to capture all of the Nazi Archaeologists & smuggle them out. They are being held within the church.  The mayor's mansion was infilitrated & two Sturmbannführer Hoffrichter's SS undead bodyguards eliminated.  All papers, research, and samples of the materials of Sturmbannführer Hoffrichter were captured. But things started to go South when the party started to get into a stand up fight with Sturmbannführer Hoffrichter! DM Steve's PC Dog had his throat ripped out by Hoffrichter! And Jason playing the vigilante Punch 2rd level 
Sarah  playing Judy 2rd level vigilante were both wounded by the main antagonist!  Whist they were fire bombing the graves of the old church yard in broad daylight angainst Hoffrichter himself! He continued to do damage even as the Red Archer shot arrow after arrow into him! 
All of this kicked off because of one of Hoffritcher's monster body guards scratching at the window of the PC's village contact's window. And now 
Sturmbannführer Hoffrichter is hightailing it back to Berlin with copied documents, photos, and the rumor is several minor relics from Tanière de Loup village!  
The party is catching train just outside of the village's mountain pass and they think their on the trail of Sturmbannführer Hoffrichter! And they'll have to heal on the way but what they don't know is that Sturmbannführer Hoffrichter is actually hunting them! 

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