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OSR Review & Commentary On Terra Arisen By Omer Golan-Joel, Richard Hazlewood, & Josh Peters From Stellagama Publishing For The Cepheus Deluxe Rpg

 "Terra Arisen is a space-opera setting for the Cepheus Deluxe sci-fi RPG rules. Terra Arisen introduces player characters to the immediate aftermath of the Terran Liberation War against the mighty Reticulan Empire and its many thralls. The Terrans forced the Reticulan Empire to sign a humiliating peace treaty and reluctantly accept Terran independence from the Empire. The upstart Terrans, bolstered by their victory against their old masters, are becoming a power to be reckoned with in interstellar affairs. On a backdrop of espionage, maneuvering, and saber-rattling on new interstellar frontiers, bold player characters can leave their marks as heroes or villains of the new United Terran Republic (UTR). This book provides background information, a 16 by 20 hex star-map covering most of the UTR and some alien territory, and write-ups of all 120 major worlds in this area, as well as other materials necessary to run a science fiction roleplaying campaign in the exciting times of the 23rd century." 

This book contains:

  • History and background material for 23rd century Terra and the larger universe.

  • Corporations, political parties, and illegal groups – both Terran and alien.

  • 4 major alien species and several minor ones – all detailed!

  • Rules for generating and playing characters from 5 alien species.

  • 7 alien Careers and 5 Terran ones - from psionic Reticulan Nobles to the heroic Terran Guard!

  • Character generation rules and event tables for all included careers.

  • 2 small craft and 5 starships with full game statistics and high-res deck plans.

  • The Terran Quadrant, including 120 detailed worlds and a high-res star map.

  • A detailed adventure chapter with a wide variety of hooks for exciting adventures in Terran and alien space! 

Note that this book provides character generations, biological and cultural background, and flying saucers (!) for playing Gray Aliens – ready to drop into any Cepheus Deluxe campaign and quite compatible with other 2d6 sci-fi RPGs as well!

This setting requires the Cepheus Deluxe rules for use." 

Terra Arisen Rpg Campaign Setting  By Omer Golan-Joel, Richard Hazlewood, & Josh Peters is one of those space opera's there's far more bubbling below the surface then at first it seems. The Terra Arisen setting is perfectly suited for the Cepheus Deluxe rules. Terra Arisen takes on humanity & it's alien allies rising up against their Reticulan oppressors in a series of rebellions that ultimately results in the establishment of the Terrran Quadrant. 

Terra Arisen is a two hundred & eleven page book that wears its history, alien cultures, & background on it's sleeve. And in Terra Arisen these factors colours your PC's life events, careers, and other 2d6 Cepheus Deluxe rules & rolls during character creation. And this applies across the board for the aliens and the humans. This isn't exactly a Reticulan friendly game per say as the later generations of the hybrids and full blood Reticulans have come to question their own ancient empire's practices. 
And Terra Arisen is a thinking DM's campaign setting with ton's of potential for the player's to step onto the interstellar stage of old sectors of the Reticulan Empires. Now in the hands of the their former slave races both human & alien. While Terra Arisen seems very woven into it's own campaign setting with its history, politics, sciences, technologies, etc. the setting is a fun one with plenty of opportunities  for military campaigns, interstellar merchant hi jinks, and much more all baked into the Cepheus Deluxe rules powered setting. Terra Arisen is a solid addition to the world of Cepheus Engine powered rules. The interstellar's scene is interesting. The ideas here are smartly done. And Terra Arisen is a campagin setting is one  that can do a wide variety of play styles. 
The playground of the former Reticulan empire populated by their former client races is one of recent military victories. But the interstellar  parts & pieces still very much dangerous and not necessarily nice at all. Terra Arisen is a complex & multi dimensional interstellar political & unsettle frontier with its own rules, alien races, & wild edge bubbling just below the surface. Terra Arisen has some solidly done starships and the interior artwork is a mix of Pulp & Science Fictional styles that works for the 2d6 asthetic of the Cepheus Deluxe rules powered material. The layout is crisp, easy to read, & ready to play. 
Terra Arisen is a campaign for the Cepheus Deluxe rules that is waiting to be played & played well. Terra Arisen is a excellent addition to the the Cepheus Deluxe rules line of supplements & I for one can't wait to see the next line in the Terra Arisen family of books. Terra Arisen is a five outta of five for creativity, ulility, & actual usefulness at the table top level. 
Terra Arisen By Omer Golan-Joel, Richard Hazlewood, & Josh Peters From Stellagama Publishing For The Cepheus Deluxe Rpg Is Available Right Here 

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