Wednesday, June 29, 2022

OSR Session Report III - Midnight at Tanière de Loup, an OSR WWII Mini-Adventure Using Operation White Box & Bloat Games's SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Core Rules

 'So it's been a long while since we got together for our  super game event using Operation White Box & Bloat Games's SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Core Rules but set prior to the events of World War II! The party has been racing all over Europe following on the heels of  Sturmbannführer Hoffrichter and what's left of his vampiric  SS Troopers ' 
So using a combination of the above plus the download of Midnight at Tanière de Loup, an OSR WWII Mini-Adventure from David Miller's OSR Library blog here. Our team of stawart heroes tracked down the pesudo vampire & his minions to a small  castle on the Austarian border known as Quasqueton. This leg of the mini campaign picks up with the player's PC's stopping train with the Nazi pseudo vampire's coffins on it! Everything picks right up from this session report here on our blog! 

The Nazi peusdo vampires never made it! The party caught up with the train the monsters were on and staked them out in the sun! They never made it to the castle! But the party is very curious to find out what or whom is the castle holding?! 

DM Steve has a 2nd level crime fighter The Dog has been killed 
Sherrie DM Steve's wife is The Mist a 3rd level spell caster is now team leader 
Todd is playing a 3rd level mech pilot owner of the Hammer 
Jason playing the vigilante Punch 2rd level 
Sarah is playing Judy 2rd level vigilante 
Brian is the Red Archer 2nd level archer

None of the players are really familar with 
Rogahn the Fearless and Zelligar the Unknown base in B1 In Search of the Unknown per say. So I've had fun introducing it as a Nazi base on the border of Austria in the year 1939. 

ll pick this up on the Fourth of July as we've got a big weekend planned! Stay tuned! We've got a few tricks up our sleeves coming up! 

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