Thursday, June 2, 2022

More WWI Mecha For Your Old School Post Apocalypse Campaigns


The Radium Destroyer 

Engine: Diesel Tank Carbine 40 mph max speed, cruising speed 30 mph 
Power/Fuel Source: Atomic Furnace  Engine (300 year lifespan)
Body Style: Giant Tank , Off Road 
Handling: Excellent, Dex +3 
Frame: Under Water Tank , 50 HP
Structure: Sturdy, 6 AC
Modification Allotment: 10 hard points 

Most Hard Points Are Used For Energy Weapon Mounts
Retro Enginnered Martian Tank Used By Various Fanatical Powers Of The World During The Extended War 

Canal Defense Force Beam Weapons & Anti-gravity Platforms.
These Red Martian Defense Platforms are arrayed along the canals of Mars mostly in defense of the major capital cities. Each Pyramid runs on broadcast power from the central radium fusion reactors & uses a combination of  fusion beam search lights & heat ray batteries. Each one has a range of 50 miles & does 1d10 points of damage. The heat ray batteries do 1d6 points of damage per burst.
The pyramids are serviced by anti-gravity defense platforms each equipped with a simulated Red Martian brain. These tactical defense units are capable hurling a lethal heat ray for 1d6 points of damage 2 miles or more. There are usually 6 in attendance for each pyramid. They each have a range of 10 miles. They are capable of intricate patterns & tactics. The Psychic crystal matrix of each pyramid are responsible for the control & defense of a 3 square grid pattern around their canal areas. 


The Tesla Destroyer 

 Nikola Tesla's macroscopic charged particle beam projector. The device was based upon a large Van de Graaff generator of unique design and a special type of open-ended vacuum tube. It comprised a system for the acceleration of minute tungsten or mercury particles to a velocity of about 48 times the speed of sound. The projectiles were propelled out of the tube by electrostatic repulsion.
 Does 1d10 to anything within a 100 mile range not protected by a force field or psychic mind barrier. 


Gyro - Electric Destroyer 
Engine: Diesel Tank Carbine 50 mph max speed, cruising speed 30mph 
Power/Fuel Source: Atomic Engine (300 year lifespan)
Body Style: Giant Tank , Off Road 
Handling: Excellent, Dex +3 
Frame: Tank , 50 HP
Structure: Sturdy, 4 AC
Modification Allotment: 8 hard points 
The big brother of the Trench Destroyer, these weapons saw extensive use in the theaters of Europe, China, the far East & Antarctica. They are know for a hall mark of sturdy design, lethal firepower  & devastating hit & run tactics. 
They have the special quality of being able to keep their weapons upright no matter the circumstances of the obstacles within their way. Today their are very few of these monsters left. They saw action in every single conflict within the Extended War. These monsters were designed to over come many of the tench war fare sieges common during those conflicts. Today those that remain are found with in the hands of collectors & within museums. They usually mounted conventional fire arms & energy weapons when needed. 

Diabolical Ray Cannon Truck Unit 
Engine: Atomic Ellen Motor ,70mph
Power/Fuel Source: Atomic Engine (300 year lifespan)
Body Style: Utility Truck, Rough Terrain
Handling: Standard, Dex -1 
Frame: Heavy Duty, 20 HP
Structure: Standard 
Modification Allotment: 3 hard points usually armed with a  2 teleforce cannons & radium generator 

These weapons saw extensive action in the 3 War Of The Worlds after Nicola Tesla reverse engineered the Martian technology. The truck takes 7 rounds to set up. These weapons do 1d8 points of damage to anything hit by them. Force fields will protect against the effects of the  rays however.  They are very delicate & take 1d3 days of down time & repair between combats. They are set up around the perimeters of many state capitals & provide a measure of anti air support in addition to more conventional weapons. 

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