Friday, June 10, 2022

OSR Commentary On Haven The Free City From Different Worlds Publications For Your Old School Campaigns

So Greg Gorgonmilk posted on social media a reminder about The Free City of Haven which is one of the greatest of old school fantasy cities. And into my cart it went! Boy I'm glad I did! 

In this first of three volumes in the chronicles of the city of Haven, GMs will find more than enough material for many months of urban adventuring, including:

  • Over 100 well-described shops and shopkeepers
  • 60 interesting random city street encounters
  • 300 personable NPCs for the players to interact with
  • 25 scenario outlines to involve the adventurers with the conflicts and desires of the city's denizens

Haven - The Free City can be used with any fantasy role-playing system that accepts the existence of magic and a multi-racial universe, and is designed as an interrelated series with Thieves' Guild, forming the basis for a complete campaign universe. Ample space is provided for the GM to incorporate features, politics, and personalities from his own campaign into the fabric of the city. This package includes:

  • An Overview of the city of Haven and the region of the Ten Cities, and explanations of the terminology used in the books;
  • 7 booklets describing the 7 boroughs and neighborhoods of the city, with major families, personalities, shops, taverns, and residences, and possible adventures;
  • A booklet of random encounters and statistics for all NPCs described in the text;
  • 11 detailed neighborhood maps showing the locations of shops and other places of interest described in the text;
  • A poster-sized color map of the entire city, showing over 100 noted landmarks.

So if your players are looking for a place to spend the ill-gotten gains from their last expedition, seeking to establish a more permanent base of operations for their favorite adventurers, or are just plain tired of skulking around uncharted dungeon coridors for the twentieth week in a row, bring them to Haven - The Free City, the biggest and best fantasy city ever published!"

 Haven The Free City From Different Worlds Publications Is Available Here 

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