Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Using 'The Pay What You Want Adventure' Tomb of the Overfiend From Robertson Games In The Valley Of Forgotten Ones For Your Old School Campaigns

So last night I needed something fast, quick, and easy that I could use for a fast play with friends. The game that I had in mind was Boot Hill and everyone quickly agreed. But I was going to need an adventure set up yesterday and I had less then hour to pull this together. I started going through ideas in my head and one was the Valley of the Forgotten Ones. This was a place where entropy & time weapons were tested. Time and space had been shattered. Things, places, and even people had been seen out there in the eight mile stretch of desert. Weird things that sent shivers up men's spines and more then a few cow hands had gone missing in that area. The locals stay well away from that stretch of desert but then again there have been some who have come back with gold in their pocket. But now things were different, the Sheriff's daughter was taken in the middle of the night and dragged off into the valley by outlaws. Not monsters, men, or horrors are going to keep that man from his daughter.

The Valley of the Forgotten ones is a time lost location that I've used several times over the years; its a place of classic AD&D and pulpy fun. Dinosaurs, mutants, marauders, etc. all coming together within a patch of horrid wasteland and desert issues. There's a bunch of locals living on the outskirts who mind their own business and have a few secrets of their own. So yeah its a staging ground for anything that I want to dump into the setting and not wreck it.

The locals know about the gang of the Overfiend whose a lich who traveled here over a century and a half ago. He's got a bunch of orc and half orc outlaws that help him out and he's going to sacrifice the sheriff's daughter to gods of the Outer Darkness.
Tomb of the Overfiend is a one page dungeon and did quite nicely for a one shot game. The tomb has more then enough features to make monster stocking quick and easy with the AD&D first edition Monster Manual or The Fiend Folio. We had seven players including a bard which came in quite handy in two places; one was the fact that he ended up speaking several times with the locals to gain their trust. The valley itself spooked the hell out of the PC's who were quick roll ups from Boot Hill.
Tomb of The Overfiend proved to be very well put together and the players had a blast with it it. They really were very careful to deal with some of the monsters, artifacts, and more into the one page dungeon. All in all this was a really nice one page dungeon which suited the impromptu game quite nicely. They did manage to get the sheriff's daughter Cindy back and two of the cowboys bought it an encounter with a dinosaur.


The legends of the gunfighter's and cowpoke's deeds will be sung around the campfires for months to come but we're not done with the Valley of the Forgotten Ones by a long chalk. See yeah you all on the time trails.

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