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1d20 Random Weird War Adventure Mission Objectives Table For The Front Rpg & Your Old School World War II Campaigns

The Front Rpg by Mark Hunt has just hit number one on Drivethrurpg and its now that the fever pitch for the game is going full blitz. The era of World War II is rife for retroclone cinematic adventure and with the old school engine that Mark has designed folks are jumping on board quite quickly.
With a price point of three dollars for the pdf  there doesn't seem to be an end in sight for campaign possibilities.

Among those possibilities is the Supernatural War which as we know ran from 1939 through 1960 ending with the deaths of the Hitler clones upon the secret base on the Moon by the brave souls of the 33rd division out of Florida's protospace agency of the U.S. Army. The following is a list of 1d20 Random Weird War Adventure Mission Objectives Table for your soldiers looking to deal with the dark forces. Remember these missions should not be undertaken by the faint of heart. These are for more experienced parties of soldiers always check with Allied command before engaging the enemy.

1d20 Random Weird War Adventure Mission Objectives Table

  1. In a nearby village a Nazi Thule Society SS operative party is preparing to take what they believe is a Vril artifact from local shrine. There are 2 werewolf agents among them! 
  2. A local transport may be housing vital experimental Nazi super weapon components for a new top secret weapon systems called the V rocket. Your party must take out the Nazi officers and scientists. There will be 1d6 elite Nazi soldiers among them. 
  3. A powerful Black Sun 6th level wizard is holding court with his SS operatives in a nearby castle. The rumors are that they are summoning a fire demon from the underworld in a bid to conquer nearby villages. Your mission is to stop them. 
  4. A powerful spirit of the Vril-ya has manifested offering one of their staffs to add the Nazi war effort attracting a powerful SS officer and his staff of elite occult operatives & soldiers to the area. The Allied occult agency wants these bastards stopped. 
  5. A Grey flying time bell has been seen in the area and 1d10 grey soldiers are looking into breaking into this dimension. They're using 1d100 re animated zombie troops to take over and secure the area before their Nazi allies arrive to assist them. They will kill any Allied soldiers they run across. 
  6.  The German Black Sun agency wants to secure a set of ruins that locals believe belonged to the mythical Dwarves of legend and myth. They have 1d8 troops plus a tank and several SS operatives in the area. Your mission is to destroy those ruins at all costs and secure any artifacts for HQ. 
  7. A Nazi black necromancer is experimenting with the local cemeteries in a push to pierce the realms of the dead for his commander  Heinrich Himmler & his cadre of secret black occultists. HQ wants this bastard and the secrets his brain holds but first your going to have to get through the 1d100 zombies he has at his call. 
  8.  A few young Vril-ya possessed children are moving among four local villages recruiting and possessing others to harvest their soul energies for their great machine aboard a nearby flying saucer. The Nazi are aiding them in return for several pieces of their technology. Stop them and the children. Return any relics to HQ.  
  9. The Nazi are trying to locate several lost copies of the prophecies of Nostradamus for the Thule society and their Black Sun allies. Find and destroy these documents before they fall into the SS's hands. 
  10. The black grail has been located in a nearby temple shrine and the Nazi want to get their hands on it. The SS has a tank and 1d100 agents combing through the hills nearby in order to locate you. There is a flying saucer belonging to another alien race that wants the grail Stop this debacle before the black grail falls into enemy hands. 
  11. The true journals of Frankenstein have been located in the hands of an occultist's estate and the SS's want's them. There are 1d20 operatives combing the area for the occultist and his package will you reach him in time? 
  12.   The mysterious  Ernst Schulte-Strathaus has a personal astrology journal that would aid the Allies in predicting Rudolf Hess's moves before he does. The SS wants this nonsense settled several agents have been dispatched to recover the documents. 
  13. A ghoul plague has been released into the countryside by Nazi mad scientists in order to test a new super soldier undeath weapons program. HQ wants this mad scientist neutralized but he has a Black Sun wizard ally to help him in his program. The wizard is fourth level and very dangerous as well as cunning. 
  14. The spell books of Karl Maria Wiligut have been smuggled out of Nazi Germany and now a cadre of Nazi occultists and spies are on the trail of these documents. Can you stop them from being destroyed and turned over the German HQ
  15. A lone Nazi agent has in his blood stream a cure for the nasty plague like disease that is ravaging the Black Sun vampire program. You must capture and kill this agent to prevent this disease from ravaging in Allied forces. 
  16. Grey soldiers are stealing the brains of locals for use in diabolical experiments for the creation of super soldiers for their Nazi allies. There are 1d20 of the alien horror armed with ray guns and stunners. Can your team stop them before its too late?  
  17. A Nazi long range bomber has been perfected using stolen alien technology and you must destroy it for the Allies. Recover any relics you happen to come across. 
  18. A nearby castle is supposedly the resting place for the remains and tomb of Dornröschen. The Thule society black magicians want the secret to her immortality and think that there might be a portal  to the realm of Fairyland in the castle. Your job is to stop them and secure the castle against the Nazi war machine. There are 1d6 cultists belonging to the order of the Dornröschen.who will murder to protect the sleeping fairy princess. 
  19. A giant Nazi robot has been lost off of a transport, there are 1d20 SS operatives and soldiers who want to recover this vital weapons system but the thing has gotten loose and is rampaging across the countryside.  Can you stop it and prevent them from gaining possession of this metal beast? 
  20. A team of mad scientists and occultists has recovered evidence that the stars are right and that Cthulhu must be summoned to aid the cause. Thule Society black magicians have recovered several powerful occult artifacts from Atlantis and they are looking to summon back the Old Ones you must stop them and return the artifacts to HQ.

“Of such great powers or beings there may be conceivably a survival . . . a survival of a hugely remote period when . . . consciousness was manifested, perhaps, in shapes and forms long since withdrawn before the tide of advancing humanity . . . forms of which poetry and legend alone have caught a flying memory and called them gods, monsters, mythical beings of all sorts and kinds. . . .”
—Algernon Blackwood.

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