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1d20 Random Legendary Post Apocalyptic Adventure Locations Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

There are places out in the wastelands that echo with the weight of eternity, and the rime of ancient tales that sticks thick to the fabric of their existence. Adventurers may hear tales of these places around campfires and within the smoke filled halls of relic recovery teams.
They are places filled with traps and tricks waiting for unwary and foolish to stumble upon them. These places call to foolish and trap the souls of those who dare to wake their halls. Will your name be numbered among the slain or the glorious.Here then for your edification is a list of 1d20 legendary post apocalyptic adventure locations to dazzle and hook your adventurers with.

1d20 Random Legendary  Post Apocalyptic Adventure Locations Table

  1. Bonael The Temple of Dreaming Stones - An ancient weapons depot from an ancient land where the gods warred. This place echos with the cries of dying gods and relics of their battles but beware the heavy curse they're ancient devices carry. They're undead servants still carry out their orders.
  2. Canaiach - The Graveyard of Folly's Hand - Here the ancient demons of a once great court mock eternity even as death seeks to take on their necrotic flesh and mutant bones. High tech toys battle among themselves for the right to slay visitors.
  3. Chua-cthor Bastions Last Reach - This is a place where old cyborg warriors came to die and battle; this process could take a thousand years and it is a place where the ancient ones placed their treasures.
  4. Cloamehabbh - This is a field where the chariots of the ancients are buried in the sands and mutant horrors guard their existence. Adventurers come here to claim the faster then light relics and treasures.
  5. Clzoso-uloE'yicyiamant - The Devil God's Graveyard  this place is where the mutant gods of old came to bury their dead ones and it is guarded by nanite zombies and undead things from other dimensions.
  6. Drontui - The High Temples of Old Ones - A place where the ghouls come to worship the great extinct gods this place houses their treasures and horrors. There will be 1d6 wights and ghoul warriors within a two mile radius of this place.
  7. Eluguri The Other Worldly Store House - Here the relics of a thousand heretic gods have been secreted and kept. The place is guarded by 1d10 unholy warrior robots and nightmares of other things. There will be 1d20 major artifacts in storage.
  8. Fabaurtu This is a place and hanger for some of the space and dimensional craft of the gods; it is watched over by a special brand and species of mutant war folk.
  9. Faulaurg - The Temple of The Wicked Ones - This place was the genetic birth place of ancient gene spliced horrors beyond imagining. There is still very valuable treasures within it guarded by dangerous metal warriors and powers beyond imagination.
  10. Iaugung - This is where the gods kept their relics and gems; there are 1d10 ancient warrior robots guarding this place and its vaults.
  11. Imaro This powerful temple city was home to ancient god beings and their  noble relatives; it sports 5 levels of dangerous and powerful artifacts. There is a troop of ancient warbots guarding this place.
  12. Indur - This is a repair shop and workshop for all of the warbots in the area it serves highly advanced cybernetic mechanisms and its workshops contain priceless artifacts. Nanite swarms guard the place creating temporary and deadly guardians.
  13. Morgodrdurc - An ancient wasteland vault and colony home to over 5,000 corpses in cold storage. A small fortune in wasteland technology awaits your adventurers. Ancient medicial bots and warriors guard this place.
  14. Odrmmela - This is a warbot weapons depot and locker; many dangerous cybernetic beings wait here to plot world domination. 
  15. Ortheroruri Riaroth - The ancient site for a serpent man temple dedicated to the Sun goddess. Here rites are still practiced even as the place is home to thousands of relic offerings and energy weapons. A cache of 300 warrior androids guards the place and their ancient blood curse still haunts adventurers.
  16. Rincar The home to a moth balled fleet of space vehicles there are 1d10 mutant tribes the place against intruders and adventurers. There are thousands of relics and artifacts waiting for adventurers and thieves.
  17. Samoru Sangu - This ancient vault holds now 1d100 liches who want to return to their former power. Powerful ghoul warriors guard these vaults and valuable relics and artifacts rest within the green porcelain walls.
  18. UlorUrthae - The Weeping Halls this place was home to a Lovecraftian cult of fanatics who made dangerous sacrifices to the gods. There are now three separate factions who wish to control the magick of the area. The place attracts 1d110 Lovecraftian horrors.
  19. Vanalat - A temple dedicated to the ancient god Apollo who maintains his worshipers but the mutants want to honor him but there are 1d10 minor wizards, mutants and clerics who guard the relics and works of Apollo
  20. Irtuirturining The Sun Place - This was a place for the generation of power; this place used the four dimensional elements to create massive power plant temples where the incredible systems of the past hold 1d10 elementals in check as wandering monsters and there are dangerous powers that hold sway over the systems here.

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