Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Some Thoughts On Using Tyrannosaurus In The World Of The Lost Adventure Source Book By Rafael Chandler

I've had at least two days of thumbing through the pdf of World of The Lost By Rafael Chandler source book. There are books that start to slowly consume your imagination and World of the The Lost is one of those for me. I've always have been a lost world sort of guy and dinosaurs are something that every kid loves. World of the Lost captures a bit of my imagination and I think it's probably that striking artwork on the back cover with the Lamentations signature characters running from dear life in the early morning hours from a T.Rex. So why do I say that? Well I began to really look into dinosaurs once again and there are two articles that really caught my eye both of which have massive gaming adventure appeal.
The first of these is one reported in the New Scientist dated November fifth concerning the findings of  Dr.Rorbert T. Baker, "Sharp-eared T. rex may have stalked the night like today’s owls" by Bob Holmes 
This article concerns itself with an ear ridge bone structure that Tyrannosaurus rex had on its massive skull. Here's the interesting part according to this article; "Finally, he realized that the ridge runs from the eardrum, positioned towards the back of the skull, to the front of the dinosaur’s cheek. “The most likely explanation is that there was an ear tube – an ear trumpet, if you will – that was concentrating hearing from the front,” he says."It’s a plausible idea, says Philip Currie at the University of Alberta in Canada. But the ridge could simply have been there to reinforce the bone against pulling from muscles attached somewhere else, he says.
Try and imagine your PC's dealing with a family of T.Rex's in the middle of night or early morning within the  wilderness. This is a damn scary proposition to stay the least. But how the hell did a T.Rex get into a middle of a Nigerian lost world in the first place? Aliens, space gods, or could there have been some other explanation?
Chris Glen - Wolff EDS, Salisbury SW, Horner JR, Varricchio DJ (2009) Common Avian Infection Plagued the Tyrant Dinosaurs

The second article comes from Scientific America but originally came from the pen of  Laura Geggel, on LiveScience on March 2, 2016.  "T. rex Was Likely an Invasive Species"  The article goes on to state that T.rex was likely an invasive dinosaur species from Asia but the idea of these giants causing all kinds of problems for villages and others is very appealing. Especially fighting these bastards in the middle of the night.This is the stuff of epic legends and could be the basis for many adventures in some of the areas described in World Of The Lost. Invasive species bring all kinds of problems with them and the might T.Rex as another exploiter in the LoFP paradigm fits the themes of KHIRIMA.
These invaders might well be bring in some common diseases and parasites that could hop species and begin infecting local livestock causing disease, starvation, and worse. Fighting T.rex's might be not only a side adventure but a matter of utmost cause for alarm and issues among the peoples depicted in World of the Lost.
The eye-sockets faced mainly forwards, giving it good binocular vision (Sue specimen).

Note that all of the articles cited here are for entertainment and educational purposes, they are not an attempt to violate the work,trademark  or copyright of the publications or authors. This article has not be endorsed by the authors or designers of the Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg neither is it attempt by the blogger to violate their copy right nor trademark either. This is the speculation and work of a rabid fan of both dinosaurs and the Lamentations game and is this author's opinion and work. 

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