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Invasive Cargo - The Pyrrus Gambit - An Adventure Encounter For The Colonial Troopers Rpg or Your Old School Campaigns Includes Free Sci Fi Classic Download

The exoplanet ship The Slippery Slim has brought a deadly set of biological life forms to the out lying interstellar colony of Harrison and things go wrong from there. The ship was a part of the the Special Corps and actually is carrying valuable ore. Your party of mercenary adventurers has been hired to lens and cleanse the colony of these dangerous life forms. But not all is as it seems.

The Adventure Set Up

 A exoplanet survey space craft has come in from the Pyrrus system carrying valuable biological samples but they've gotten loose on a small low technology Bernal sphere colony world called Harrison. The authorities can't spare anyone to help out the colonists. Aboard the ore processing faculties is a small cargo of
radioactive ores from the planet Pyrrus itself. There have been numerous supernovae in its vicinity, meaning that planets in the area are rich in radioactive ore and there are potentially billions in galactic revenue.
The situation has the potential to devastate the delicate ecological systems of the colony's structure. There already have been fifteen to twenty deaths of colonists. The life forms are incredibly dangerous, a small cross section of cat sized mammals have neurotoxic venom that has caused the deaths. The real problem is the carnivorous plants that have worked their way into the colonies system. A mixed mercenary force of close in troops would most likely work here.

 Mission Details
There are five levels and seven  rooms each with some of the deadliest plants that PC's will face; the PC's will have twenty four hours to complete they're mission and a psychic character is a must. There will be 1d6 life forms that have infiltrated the colonies systems. There are additional wandering life forms in some rooms which will attack PC's and poison them. A 20 % chance exists for getting a PC's spaced if a weapon's damage exceeds the colony's defenses and the entire room could be blown into space. Players should be warned when choosing weapons and armor for this mission. Rewards might include a small percentage of the ore, experience points, and a one way mission to Pyrrus

Pyrrus Catoid
AC: 4 [16]
HD: 3
Atk:  2 claws
Dmg: 1d6 each
Save: F7
Move: 180
Those hit by these horrors must save vs death or be subject to a horrid death by neurotoxin. Because of the evolving biology of these horrors they will adapt to many humanoid types even during combat.

Pyrrus Plant Horrors
AC: 3 [17]
HD: 10+30
Atk: 4 tentacles, 1 bite [varies]
Dmg: 1d6 & grip, 2d8 [varies]
Save: M10
Move: Slither 50”
These life forms are the far more dangerous as they mutate and adapt to the colony's ecological systems, and the colonist's defenses.

There will be a war ship dispatched to destroy the colony unless the PC's can stop this invasive species. The DM can add or subtract rooms and levels as needed.

  Source Material And End Points
Deathworld is the name of a series of science fiction novels by Harry Harrison including the books Deathworld (first published 1960, serialized in Astounding Science Fiction). Since the book is public domain I've decided to use it as the basis for an off the cuff Colonial Troopers game adventure over the weekend. There are plenty of material that can be taken from  Deathworld by Harry Harrison and there are homages spread throughout the adventure encounter. This material could be used to work up a complete touch stone campaign set on Pyrrus.
Dungeon masters looking to use this material should grab the free download right over here

So why use Death World? There are plenty of adventure opportunities in the interstellar stage of Death World and the factions are perfect for adapting to any number of old school games such as Gamma World and Mutant Future as well as more military oriented games such as Colonial Troopers. Many players haven't even heard of the Deathworld books let alone taken the time to have read them. This is an advantage that DM's should be quick to exploit for a full array of death filled fun. They really a good solid read and are chock full of ideas to adapt and play with for old school games. The opportunities for this sort adventure and campaign  are pretty much endless.

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