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Review & Commentary On Girls Gone Rogue For The Alpha Blue Rpg From Kort'thalis Publishing As Well As Your Old School Space Operas

 Kort'thalis Publishing  sent me a complimentary copy of Girls Gone Rogue last night. I haven't spoken of the book since the Kickstarter ended. So colour me curious about what the actual erotic space opera pdf is like? Well according to the Kickstarter blurb;"Girls Gone Rogue will be somewhere around 50 pages and will contain more tables for character, setting, and story creation to help Space Dungeon Masters manage their universe.  [I just finished writing a d100 table called Peculiarities of Female NPCs based upon my love of Seinfeld and gratuitous dating experiences]" Yes that table is in there but the actual pdf clocks in at around eighty freaking pages of O5R Alpha Blue gaming material. Seriously this book is packed with wall to wall space opera goodness for DM's, players and they're PC's. I have a few tables in this book but that won't affect my opinion one way or the other.

Warning there is wall to wall erotic space art which is not work or kid safe. Seriously folks this isn't for the little ones or panty waists.


This isn't just an adventure instead its an Alpha Blue sourcebook with an adventure wrapped in between its folds. Girls Gone Rogue presents random chart after random chart that can add not only that extra ounce of weirdness to a PC.But some really weird bits of erotic oddness and adult themed characteristics to a character sheet especially from the FETISHES  The Sexual Fantasy and Fetish table. Don't let that fool you at all. This isn't F.A.T.A.L. and in fact it isn't even trying to be. The book is up to the quality of Alpha Blue and surpasses it in places.
There is a Jedi Knight PC parody class called the Zedi knights and all that goes with it. Brand new PC options and arch types. Some damn fine sci fi artwork scattered throughout. Tons of tables for what your adventurers did between adventures.Even more tables of finds, weapons, sexual hang ups, psychological additions, NPC and PC options. Even more NPC's, tons of other folks to meet,  etc. There's a section on using Alpha Blue to emulate a sci-fi spaghetti western. I can see an Alpha Blue/Boot Hill mash up in my future at some point. There are planetary generation tables for the game. And even a complete ship to ship combat system is included and it looks damn workable from what I've seen and read. So is there an actual adventure in all of this hot sweaty space opera mess?
As a matter of fact there is and then some.  The Girl Gone Rogue is actually very nasty piece of work called Ilsa SS."Ilsa SS is the name of a slut series replicant that has gone haywire, screwing and blasting her way through the galaxy. Normally, that kind of thing wouldn't be a Priority One on the Federation wave wire. However, Ilsa SS has taken out a number of key Federation assets and politicos. The Federation is hiring an expendable team of spacer rejects to retire her ass with extreme prejudice."  The PC's are roped into tracking and 'retiring' the android but not all is as it seems. There are even more random tables to make this adventure slightly different each and every time it's played. The infamous Bobba Fat is right in the center of the action and there's room for expansion. Scattered throughout the adventure are references to each and every sci fi franchise and movie that Venger could parody and  get a hold of from popculture. I was laughing hard identifying all of them. Throughout the book there is a ton of material to scavenge for other games. This isn't simply one adventure but there is an expansion of at least five different pieces of campaign setting stuff for any old school sci fi space opera or fantasy. There are literally months of campaign material here with lots of penis, ovipositors and tentacle action happening in the background. The artwork is both erotic, jarring, full on and very well done for the book. The artists did a bang up job on Girls Gone Rogue.

There's at least three or four send ups of Jason of Star Command, Dune, Star Trek, Space Balls, Star Wars, Outland, and much more but all of this is fueled down and through the raunchy and riotous Alpha Blue lens. The PC's are squeezed right into the background of all the action, twisted around, and spit out into a campaign that they're going to be movers, shakers, or victims of when all is said and done. Now I've got to say something about the maps, diagrams, and what have you. These things are fantastic, the artwork is really well done and they're included free as part of the online expansion and support for Girls Gone Rogue.

Yes I totally stole these pictures from Venger's blog to illustrate what can be done with free maps and locations.

So the bottom line on Girls Gone Rogue? Is it worth the ten dollars that the PDF is selling for? I can honestly say that if rated X artwork and tendril sex doesn't put you off that this is a truly worth a look. I can see this book being used as a port over for a White Star game or a not so serious romp through Alpha Blue. This book expands and blows the Alpha Blue universe wide open for even more adventures.  Five out of five and I wasn't expecting to have as much of a positive reaction to it as I did.  Grab the pdf today, I'm going to be waiting for the new print on demand book when it hits.

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