Thursday, March 24, 2016

1d6 Random Minor Items of Power From The Time Trails Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Taken from the treasure houses of the Great Tribes in the Valley of the Forgotten Ones during various sackings by the survivors of the Dread plagues and sicknesses after the fall of the last great empire. Various minor relics and items have turned up in dragon hoards, out of the market stalls, and relic hoards. These items are unusual and sometimes carry with them strange and sometimes dangerous magicks. Here is a small selection of items that have turned up from time to time during the dares and deeds of adventurers and their ilk.

Many of these items care with them small curses because of the blood and violence that has been spilt upon the ground because of the nature of the warfare of the warriors who have fought over the soil, land, resources and relics of this place. There are is a 20% chance of when a new item is found it will carry with it a minor curse.
1d6 Random Minor Items of Power From The Time Trails Table
  1. A necklace of power there will be 1d4 random wizard spells stored in this silver handcrafted necklace. There are special beads hollowed out from phoenix or giant eagle bones strung upon this item worth 300 gold pieces to the right collector and the wearer gains a minor danger sense within 100' of himself. 
  2. Rattle of storms and stone - This rattle has been created from the interior bones of a giant and once per day may be used to call upon a thunder storm of exceptional violence. This can be used to ruin or help crops as the rattle is under the control of the user. Once per month a minor Earth elemental may be called up and used for a small task. The rattle is worth 2000 gold pieces to the right wizard or collector. 
  3. Spear of the Bear Mother - This spear is handcrafted from the bones, teeth, and scared wood of a special tree. The tip hand forged from a powerful locomotive that has destroyed itself. The engine's sound and fury is preserved within the head of the spear giving it a +2 advantage but once per day the owner may call upon the spirit of the Bear mother to grant him a vision. 
  4. A Ring of the Great Ones - This ring has been crafted from the metal of a fallen star and enables its owner to once per week create a minor swarm of meteors and target a target within a forty foot radius. These minor magically charged pieces of space stone  will do 1d6+2 points of damage. 
  5. Bowie Knife of the Blessed - This knife has been one with the great spirit but it has many issues. The knife has been been forged with a blended blade of spite,spirit, and recovered  meteor iron.  The blade is a +1 blade but its major advantage is being able to strike at ghosts, demons, and many supernatural beings. 
  6. The Staff Of The Divine - This carved and notched staff holds the soul of a great cleric of the Old Tribe; the staff holds 1d8 spells and can be used to commune with the great spirits once per week. The staff is highly sought after by certain tribes.

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