Wednesday, March 16, 2016

'Thot-nabogath' The Atlantean Water Beasts For The Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea rpg System & Your Old School Campaigns

The Atlantian Water Beasts are grey green fresh and salt water humanoid monsters with only the vaguest of intelligence and savagery borne of a life violence & the basest of acts. They attack and eat just about anyone including small animals, humanoids, or any easy prey. Thot-nabogath are grey green and have mottled skin that blends in with their swamp like environments and sport powerful claws rimmed with filth and muck.

'Thot-nabogath' Atlantean The  Water Beast

No Encountered:1d4 

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: M 

Movement:40 (swim 70) 
Dexterity: 8 
Armour Class:6
Hit Points :2+2 

No Attacks: 2(claw/claw) or Bite 
Damage: 1d4+1 /1d4 +1 
Bite 1d6 
Saving throw: 16 
Treasure Class:A minor treasures

These monsters are both violent and highly dangerous to adventurers whom they often attack when adventurers approach water sources or outlets near these things nests. The water beast will quickly attack and drag the corpse of their victim under water drowning poor fool. They feed on the organs, blood, and marrow of their victims there is little that goes to waste. Often bodies molder in underwater nest sites or near in let cave systems. These horrors often lurk just on the outskirts of civilized areas to take victims from time to time and to replenish the ranks. Culls are often mounted by those living close to the waters where these things lurk and feed. There is often a standing bounty of  fifteen to twenty gold pieces on the heads of these beasts. Cave men and other tribal peoples in the areas where these horrors dwell often band together to cull or slaughter these things but always there is one 'Thot-nabogath' left to begin the cycle of murder and horror again.

'Thot-nabogath' The Atlantean Water Beasts are both a breeding true invasive humanoid species and a relic of an ancient biological magical weapon. The venom and bite of these monsters causes a pseudo magical mutation in their victims transforming them into water beasts within 1d6 days of agonizing painful transformation. Those bitten by the monsters must save vs disease or poison or gain the disease of the water beast. Water beasts often have clutches of 1d4 individuals who share nest sites who were both past victims and have now become the monsters themselves.

The watery and rippled skins of water beasts can easily turn many relic laser weapons from Atlantis and Lemuria which are at a minus five to hit them and damage them. They continue to plague the ancient swamp land, sea ports, and fresh water lakes that were the battle grounds for the ancient wars. These mad bastards retain enough intelligence to harbor and keep the relics of their kills often in the form of jewelry,relics, armbands and other personal objects. Often times these are used as bait to snare and ambush other victims often adventurers or other fool who  venture too close to the waters edge where these things dwell.

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