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1d20 Random Encounters With The Ghosts of Adventurers Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are those who go on the grand adventures in dungeons and ruins across the worlds and never return home. These lost souls often meet their demise in some nameless ruin after tripping another trap or meeting monster or creature looking for some lost relic or trinket. These deaths are so fast and violent that these former adventurers never move on to their final rewards.Instead lost souls are encountered by various other brave fools  who wander these ruinous halls in search of wealth, power, and the chance to wander into legend. Some inevitably join the the ranks of the dead and haunt along side their former comrades.
Here then are 1d20 Random Encounters With The Ghosts of Adventurers  to spice up your old school campaigns.

1d20 Random Encounters With The Ghosts of Adventurers Table

  1. This is a former wizard who ran across some orcs within this ruin, he is a specter who drains his victims to feed his 4th level spells but he can not leave his forty yard area he haunts. 
  2. A 2nd level warrior's soul has been slain by a demon who tortures his through out eternity fueling his rage and blood lust. He attacks with a ghostly battle ax that can cleave through armor and drag down the souls of his victims for his demonic master. The cycle repeats every night and he guards an ancient treasure. 
  3. This ghost is of a cleric who was slain by a diabolical trap and doubted his god at the last second, his soul has become something less then a monster and he haunts his place of death even as he drains the living. 
  4. This unliving collection of ectoplasmic horror is the remains of a small adventuring party who was slain together and now throughout eternity they form a ghostly collective consciousness that eats the souls of their victims. 
  5. A paladin has become a ghostly knight who haunts the living slaying the unrighteous; he has become psychotic after two hundred years. He guards a minor relic. 
  6. A former murderer was slain by his mistress and left to bleed out in this place. He wants revenge against the living for his betrayal even as he repeats his cycle of violence and horror on the living. 
  7.  This thing was former thief who has been transformed into a wandering horror of depravity and evil, this shadowy presence feasts on the souls of its victims. 
  8. A barbed devil torments the soul of a warrior nun causes her to slay any wizards she runs across. Her ghostly power and blade reaps the souls of the living for her brooding master. A small chest of minor treasures holds her soul in this place. 
  9. These halls echo with the cries of this ghostly light and the screams of its victims; this violent and dangerous ball of supernatural energy slays all it runs across. There is a treasure from all its victims over the last hundred and fifty years. 
  10. A magical sword holds the soul of a 5th level warrior within its grasp; he appears armed with the thing even as it slays those around it.  
  11. This dangerous collection of shadows and chains is actually the soul of a thief slain by a mighty knight; his god has turned him into this thing to guard its treasure. 
  12. A ghostly head is the last remains of a long slain guardian of this ruin. This thing is able to breath ghostly fire three times per day and it will chill the soul of all for 1d6 points of damage. 
  13. This hall is guarded by the ancient skeletal remains of slain hound, its master of  shadow and smoke drives the phantom hound to kill anyone who gets in its way. 
  14. A strange collection of spinning ghostly limbs makes up this ghost from some nameless Hell. The thing will slay anyone it can. It guards a forgotten spell book. It was once a wizard or mage now it has become this thing of the supernatural. 
  15. A former fighter this ghostly warrior serves a dark master even as it apologizes for trying to slay its next victim. 
  16. A dark priest's soul has been haunting this place after it betrayed its party of adventurers and damned its soul to this nameless haunt. A magic sword could  slay it but this ghost can't  tell anyone it guards it. 
  17. A former wizard has become a thing of ectoplamic horror and magic, it haunts these halls looking for fighter's souls to devour. This thing is made from madness, magick and memories. 
  18. This ghost is actually an adventurer who was murdered by his comrades in arms and now seeks revenge against any adventurers he runs across. He leads them into traps and tricks so that death might claim them. He guards a minor treasure as part of his curse. 
  19. A little halfling thief's ghost guards a secret passage even as he attempts to murder anyone trying to discover his secret doors and hidden passages. 
  20. This ghost is actually a minor goddess who was an adventurers but was cursed by her own mother for daring to love a mortal. He is now also a phantom who weeps as she murders anyone who finds her former treasure left to condemn and damn anyone who finds it. 

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