Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Review and Commentary On 'The Pay What You Want' Post Apocalyptic Adventure - One Day Digs 6:: Hunt in the Dark For Your Old School Campaigns

Hunt in the Dark is for the Mutant Epoch rpg and clocks in at fifteen pages making this a perfect evening's post apocalyptic entertainment. This adventure is about rats and more specifically one very nasty  customer called Black Scavenger. This is a sixteen 'pay what you want' adventure
"Beasts have attacked the village and while the militia chases them off, Black Scavenger, an ambitious bipedal rat mercenary, has escaped from the jail. He and with his thugs fled into the ruins beneath the community! With Rust Haven’s best fighters out in the wastes, the people of the settlement need you to go into the ancient depths and bring the villain, Black Scavenger, to justice, dead or alive."
This is an adventure that is one part man hunt through the ruins, two part post apocalpytic horror adventure dealing with what happens in a the ruins in the darkness. 


This is a straight up mutant hunt through the twisting darkness of  the ruins of a large exhibition center, with danger lurking around every irradiated corner.  This is an adventure with lots of stuff going for it, the writing and action is tight. The plot very easily adaptable for both Gamma World or Mutant Future, the adventure lends itself quite nicely to a solid beginning lead in for a Mutant Epoch rpg campaign. Everything back drafts easily into the Mutant Epoch Pitford campaign setting and it contains everything you need to get a game going including new mutant horrors, a NPC's and a brand new weapon or two.

Seriously though there is some tense moments in Hunt The Dark if a DM plays this adventure right and this adventure could be a perfect convention set up. Quick, dirty, and with just enough to wet the players appetites for more Mutant Epoch. The adventure does everything very well setting up a perfect one two punch of outlaw busting, and crawling around in the darkness of some very wicked ruins. All in all this makes for a perfect post apocalyptic adventure set up. The only complain about this adventure is that it's a bit too short but with a quick series of rolls on some of the random Mutant Epoch tables from the main rule book that's no problem. So what do you get for your money? In this 15 page Pay What You Want product is 1 full page player handout and 1 map, 25 illustrations, a mutant sub-species and two new relics.

This is the type of adventure that has a solid way of handling all of its elements and that is to pace all of its events in a nice easy to digest narrative. That's fine because here it works in Hunt The Dark, the players are journeying into the heart of a dangerous cesspool of  mutant horror and darkness. There is the option of expanding the adventure plot line into some of the other 'One Day Dig' adventure titles to create a mini campaign of epic proportions.There are several new bits and pieces that add to the utility of this adventure and this is an adventure that feels like it is a winner to me.

Hunt The Dark is a perfectly adaptable DYI post apocalyptic landscape adventure  and could keep  adventurers busy for some time to come. This is definitely a five out of five of an adventure in my book. Hunt The Dark is also a perfect template for creating your own post apocalyptic adventures and could be a perfect introduction adventure into a complete Mutant Epoch campaign setting.

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