Thursday, March 3, 2016

1d20 Random Encounters With Minor Lovecraftian Monsters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are encounters that both dangerous and highly unexpected in the wilds and wilderness, things that are best left forgotten at the edge of civilization. These survivors of other ages and eons can be extremely dangerous. Often times psychic madness and insanity clings to these types of monsters, horrors, and mutated madmen. There is a 30 % chance of some lingering insanity and psychic aura of madness that cleaves in the wake of such creatures and mutated survivors that might infect PC's. Often times these horrors are drawn to PC's because of their strong life force or vital energies, the places that these things come from often leaves such creatures starving after the souls of others. They will often want to devour and feed from those that they encounter.

“I'll tell you something of the forbidden horrors she led me into - something of the age-old horrors that even now are festering in out-of-the-way corners with a few monstrous priests to keep them alive. Some people know things about the universe that nobody ought to know, and can do things that nobody ought to be able to do.”
― H.P. Lovecraft, The Thing on the Doorstep

There is a 20% chance that any items or relics recovered from such mutants or madmen might have some strange or exotic disease that these beings has picked up in its travels. The madness and disease is often only one of the myriad of problems that plague those who have truck and encounters with the based of evils.

1d20 Random Encounters With Minor Lovecraftian Monsters Table
  1. A priest of the Deep Ones accompanied by a raiding party of 2nd level Deep One Fighters out for sacrificial victims to take back to their lair. 1d20 gold coins on them for a bribe to the temple for certain stock of humans. 
  2. What looks like a zombie is actually a newly resurrected 6th level wizard looking to feed on some new victims. 
  3. A hound of Tindalos who is after a time jumper and is interested in slaying anyone who gets in his way. 
  4. A pack of 1d6 ghoul warriors looking for a victim for treasure and to store the victim a safe hollow spot some 1d4 miles away. 
  5. A minor flesh puddling has been created after a horrid dimensional gate accident it has many of the qualities of a black pudding with an extra paralyzing touch attack. 
  6. A newly resurrected witch who along with with her 1d8 coven mates is looking for a new set of victims as she's getting bored with her usual fare. 
  7. A dimensioal shambler is on the hunt for new victims and looking to carry off a poor fool. 
  8. An ancient lich is looking for the site of his beloved's tomb, but his accompanied by 1d10 Lovecraftian cultists armed with short swords and shields. He seeks victims to to appease her spirit. 
  9. A minor group of 1d6 cultists being who have been mutated by their exposure to weird radiations. They seek a victim with the second sight to appease their ancient god thing. 
  10. A pack of ghouls out for a good time and to gain admittance  to their late uncle's treasure and relic stash. They seek victims to feed to their Lovecraftian guardian demon thing. 
  11. A lone Great Race of Yith scientist is looking for specimens for his twisted race's time vault to be open 29,000 years. 
  12. A red footed horror from the dream lands has broken through into our reality and is incredibly dangerous. It seeks out victims to web into a light snack on the return voyage home. 
  13. A trapped zombie priest who is looking to create a gate back to his time and place. He will drag anyone he can off with him, he counts as a 4th level wizard. 
  14. This dangerous bounty hunter has been resurrected from the essential salts and still is only now recovering most of his scents. 
  15. A blob of protoplasmic star jetsam that counts as a black pudding wishes to discuss the current status of your souls. There are 1d4 minor relics scattered through out the body of the creature from its past victims
  16. A very lost Gug warrior who is looking for the portal home and is armed with two war clubs and a very nice shield. 
  17. A wizard of the 5th level is looking for a route back to his Earth and is willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. 
  18. An ancient priest of Cthulhu is looking to spread his madness among victims and is visiting each and every dream to hunt the souls of his victims. 
  19. A dangerous bio mechanical crystal life form is looking for souls to  fuel its ascent back into space. It is looking for some of the mental powers of adventurers and is drawn toward the incredible energies of the mind's of its victims. It has a wand of weird properties. 
  20. A pack of 1d1o  the hounds of Tindalos seeks out a black wizard who has time jumped. They will swallow the soul of anyone who gets into their way and one of their number can shape shift into temporary human form to seek out their quarry. They are intelligent and vary ruthless. 

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