Sunday, March 27, 2016

Review & Commentary On The Front Retroclone rpg By Mark Hunt For Your WWII Old School Campaigns

Say are you looking for a quick easy to learn WWII rpg that can easily be learned quick and has a few options on the table for adding in a nice all around adventure while busting Nazi heads across the various fronts of the greatest war this planet has seen? We've got you covered. Mark Hunt of Gangbuster's rpg fame has released a sweet little WWII retroclone that has taken the Easter weekend by storm. I received a copy on Saturday and devoured it before my Sunday Easter meal with my folks!

"There was a time when ordinary men did Extraordinary things to save the world. Welcome to THE FRONT. This is a WW II roleplaying game that lets you game in a world at war. The Front roleplaying game is a streamlined roleplaying game that uses the Original 1970s Fantasy Roleplaying Game as a base, and could well be the most straightforward modern OSR compatible clone available. If ease of play and fast character creation, compatibility, and simple - yet elegant rules are what you seek. Look no further! It’s time to be part of the Greatest generation"

So reads the latest incarnation to birth itself onto the battle and blood soaked battle fields of World War II. This is a cinematic World War Two style retroclone based upon one of the world's most popular fantasy role playing games by one of the top writers and designers in the field of old school games today. Mark Hunt has done an amazing job of combining his talent for graphic elements and role playing into a slick forty eight page rpg that will gave players a really nice no nonsense experience in one of the many fronts of WWII.
You get a PC from the ground up with a quick background and the game itself is respectful of the still fresh in many people's minds the events of WWII. You can play many of the men and women who were a part of the events of these horrific battles and events. The game however pulls far more from the cinematic universe then it does from history when it comes to its game systems. But is it any good? Well I can honestly say that Mr.Hunt really surprised me with the depth of his game's campaign ideas and no nonsense attitude when it came to play. The price point can't be beat and already its a hit and before you ask it is completely cross compatible with OD&D or Swords & Wizardry as well as other old school retroclones. This also makes adventures such as Keep on the Borderlands and In Search of The Unknown complete options for expanding your old school campaigns. Let me restate the obvious again.
Yes this game is completely compatible with original edition Dungeons and Dragons and it even adds in a number of campaign options including a pulpy version of Weird War II.

With a bit of thought and some cunning on the DM's part this game could easily be dovetailed into a bit of Lamentations of the Flame Princess action for even more weirdness. Imagine using this system with Carcosa and suddenly the ppossibility really open up for all kinds of weirdness.

 The options for the game are rather limitless and I do mean this because with the right version of a campaign this game could be used to cross over your D&D adventurers into a ruined battle torn Europe or Island hopping WWII campaign. The ideas are well done, the system is rather easy to use and it does its job very well and the price point can't be be beat! My strongest recommendation for The Front By Mark Hunt!
See these bastards? Your party needs to do its part and stop them!

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