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1d20 Random Weird War Two Battle Field Encounters Table For The Front Rpg Retroclone or Your Old School Weird War Campaigns

There are things on the battle field that man was never meant to see and the sound, smell, and spectacle of violence draws down these forces from beyond the ken of mankind itself. These horrors come unbidden onto the battle fields and take who or what they want regardless of the sides of the combatants. To these things it is all flesh, blood, and spirit all are equal parts meat for the beasts between the spaces .

There will be a 30% chance of attracting a group of 1d8 Nazi mad scientists and their SS handlers to the area. These handlers will be 3rd level fighters or soldiers with hard bitten nerves of steel and tru grit. They gain a +1 on all initiative rolls.
1d20 Random Weird War Two
Battle Field Encounters Table

  1. A pack of 1d8 shadows who feast upon the souls of the fallen and drag them off to some nameless hell. 
  2. A pack of ghouls disguised as soldiers of the side your PC's are on. There will be 1d4 of the horrors but there are actually 1d20 more lurking on the fringes of the battle front! 
  3. 1d4 giant mutant spider horrors freed from beneath the Earth by the violence of the battle these things are very hungry. 
  4. A terrible lich's crypt has been uncovered and the thing is very,very, pissed. It will kill everything it can within a 200 foot radius! 
  5. 1d6 hounds of Tindalos have come to feast on the souls and bodies of the wounded of the battle field! 
  6. 1d10 zombies have arrisen among the fallen after an ancient Atlantis weapon relic has been uncovered! 
  7. A pack of 1d4 Nazi werewolf spies has come to claim the soul of a future war hero on the battle field and its one of your PC's! 
  8. An ancient temple of dark forces has been uncovered by the war and battles and now the weird guardians of the place are causing mayhem. 1d6 giant centipedes are rampaging around the local area causing problems for some of the local villages as if the Nazi weren't enough. 
  9. A local mad scientist has transformed himself and eight of his assistants into ogres in order to fight the invading Nazi horde but now they're killing everyone they can get their hands on. Please double the hit points for the horrid mad scientist formula pumping through their veins. 
  10. The ground bursts open with rampaging zombi WWI soldiers who have been attracted by the violence of battle and flesh! There are 1d10 bursting from the carnal pits around the area. Nazi mad scientists want to get a hold of these mad bastards from beyond. 
  11. 1d8 vampires from Hell itself have been released after a purge killed one of the local guardians who was watching over the portal beyond. 
  12. 1d6 wights are moving across the battle fields hunting for souls and devouring the wounded and dying. They have come from a cairn in the area that the violence has disturbed and over turned. Nothing has been stopping them. 
  13. 1d20 Goblins from the eighth Fairy dimension have come to raid, plunder, and gain treasure. They are enthralled with machine guns and side arms they have 1d4 of the weapons but haven't figured out how to reload them.. yet. 
  14. 1d6 brace of horned devils is roaming the land to gain souls and slaves for Hell they are not picky as to who or what they take. 
  15. 1d8 ghosts from beyond the pale have come to feast upon the living and there isn't anyone to stop them. The locals know how but are way too scared to help unless the PC's can provide some support. 
  16. A crack commando team of Nazi has descended upon an ancient temple ruin and taken the relics and artworks. 1d8 phantoms from beyond have sworn vengeance and are murdering anyone or anything in their path. Now you have both the phantoms and the Nazi to deal with. 
  17. The basis for the legend of the fiddler from hell has returned to this unnamed village to claim the souls of all present. There will be 1d8 minor demons Type II present to take done anyone who stands in their way. They're leader is a major incarnation of Satan but can be defeated by several unconventional means including a fiddling contest. 
  18. A band of 1d8 orcs from beyond the pale have come to feast on whomever they can and are lead by a 6th level half orc magic user! They have come for plunder and slaves to take back with them. 
  19. A demonic monsters has escaped its ancient prison and is now stalking across the countryside. You stumble upon a Nazi survivor of one of its murderous rampages and he relates his story on how to stop it. It is a troglodyte with 1d6 demonic traits and the regeneration abilities of a troll. 
  20. 1d20 undead ghostly heads have come back beyond the grave to terrify and feed upon the souls of their descendants in the area. The Allies and Nazi are simply more sauce for the goose of their appetites can your party stop these horrors!?

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