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1d30 Random Mummy Encounter Table - Kings & Queens Of The Universe For Your Old School Campaigns

There are tombs, ruins, and other places that have been lost to history that have seen the foot falls & touch of ancient forgotten kings and queens. Beings whose very name once struck horror and terror into the hearts and minds of the peoples of the far corners of the universe. These beings are dangerous in the extreme and they carry with them the taint of unearthly disease and horror upon their very souls. These beings are intelligent, deadly, and can appear as ordinary comely human beings three times a day.

1d30 Random Mummy Encounter Table 
- Kings & Queens Of The Universe

  1. Fatungo King of the Seventh Dark - A king of an ancient cursed kingdom who now wanders eternity in search of victims for his mad god. Able to cast 3rd level wizard spells, he searches for the hearts and minds of his victims
  2. Girotu a former princess in her own kingdom she has languished under a curse and now seeks the eyes of her victims to gaze into eternity. She has been known to trade gems for news of the outside world.
  3. Gurth of Varius this scion of a dark god seeks the hearts and kidneys of his victims to free him from his tomb.
  4. Kagorialor last of ancient alien line of beings she seeks the voices and souls of her victims, she is able to use 6th level illusionist spells and like to steal the memories of her victims.
  5. Kandrit The Unliving Shape Stealer - This being has escaped Hell and now takes the biology of her victims but she magically steals both her victim's shapes and their souls.
  6. Kogoro The Ancient One - 3rd level fighter and warlord of the damned, he wanders battle fields taking what and whom he wants for his 'collection'
  7. Korogbethaur The Old One - This being collects the youth and vitality of his victims by level draining them. He casts 2nd level black wizard's spells.
  8. Malau The Dark - This being takes and steals shadows from his victims then returns to his ruin and watches their struggles against his maze of death and reward.
  9. Morur The henchman for a minor demon lord, this undead fiend stalks and slays his victims taking their faces; he is accompanied by nine ghoul warriors who hunt with him. He loathes magicians
  10. Nanglo An undead shape shifting queen who hunts down warriors of good and noble aspect to slay them for her master.
  11. Ncavandr an ancient priestess of an icy Hell she delivers nine souls each new moon to her ancient demonic masters able to cast 3rd level cleric spells.
  12. Rchavandund  this being is a bounty hunter for an ancient after life for which he slays others for their souls. He collects the teeth and gems of his victims. 
  13. Runai A minor prince of a forgotten nation and god who has become an assassin for forgotten gods and ancient demons. His ruins are now the head quarters for an ancient demon cult. He loves to feed on the livers of his victims.
  14. Thmeglakar This being is an ancient power house of magic and super science, he seeks the most dangerous treasure and relics to take them from mortal hands and use them to kill every last human.
  15. Uguro This being is half ghoul and stalks the byways and other worldly realms for the souls of his victims. He loves to hunt children so that his legend will live on.
  16. Ulini this ancient priestess seeks out the help of her violent and bloody past. She loves to call on the dead of her forgotten kingdom to hunt and kill for her.
  17. Gothacta a bloody handed warrior who loves to stalk out from his forgotten tomb to slay the living in record numbers
  18. Iac-nyigusha The Magus - This 6th level wizard loves to track and eat souls of those who try to steal from him. A very dangerous being who loathes humanity and takes every opportunity to slay her rivals
  19. Ll'lot Mab-ill Once worshiped as a goddess this being is now locked into their current state and takes revenge on all she encounters.
  20. Aqulatha This warrior has been cursed and took his service to an ancient Lovecraftian god with gusto and reverence. He loves to use an enchant +2 knife to slit the throats of his enemies.
  21. Bboloth Eibon This former king is now a demonic undead monster of horrid aspect who loves to strangle his victims
  22. Gharlaghorh an ancient and mysterious this mummy wanders the byways of the afterlife in search of stray souls and ancient treasures. This being is dangerous and horrid to look upon, his curse causes him to seek victims eternally.
  23. Z'tigghacasih Once worshiped as a god even in death its alien aspects and weird mutations make it an ancient enemy of mankind and it loves to kill any human and near human it runs across.
  24. Rlakeicyg A minor undead lord who serves the patron of murderers and thieves. This mummy loves to strangle his victims and robs them of both dignity to raise them as his minions.
  25. Rsandekela A mysterious and very dangerous mummy prince who serves the Great Old Ones by sacrificing his victims in their name.
  26. Shuggggo The Cruel - This wizard has become a mutated mess  and fused with Shoggoth material; she uses her powers to cause havoc among mortal rivals and other cults of her masters. She is able to use 4th level cleric spells.
  27. Tarlolilacac K'ughothan was once a master wizard and specialized in demonic magic he rivals several others on this encounter list by sending the souls of his victims screaming into the pit
  28. Kelakehu The Multi Legged Horror This being is an ancient drider who has fused with two other princes of the way
  29. Kiho-holegot Lathamit This high priest of a gem god loves to rob his victims of their darkest secrets and then use the information for his undead assassins guild. He uses a vast array of mummified cats as servants.
  30. Ngotlel  Ntlegotlo This mummy is a high priest of Cthulhu and uses a wide variety of guises and blinds to position victims so that his thieves and assassins guild operatives would be in charge.

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