Monday, March 7, 2016

The Other Islands In The Sea of Dread And More Hijinks With X1 The Isle Of Dread For The Dungeons And Dragons Expert Set For Your Old School Campaigns

X1 The Isle of Dread is a classic and today we're going to expand upon some of the other day's blog entry and your DM resources.
Alright so I've got to get into fulfilling a quick email request for more X1 Isle of Dread goodness. So after blogger decided to eat this post last night, I've had to do a quick Monday morning OSR quarterback move with this blog post. Let's begin with the last post which proved to be very popular is right here. 
So your PC's have just completed X1 and sailing away into the sunset and the PC's are ready to collect their experience points. So the adventure is over? Nope the campaign has only just begun. 

First of all embrace the old school weirdness and just run with it, this is an old school sandbox and there have been hundreds of thousands of players who have run through this adventure and its alright to have a blast with it. But how do I get my PCs to the island? Well, I'm glad you asked, the blog of holding has a really nice set of ideas to get your party of adventurers there. SPOILER ALERT AHEAD! 
There is plenty of action on the island to keep players and DM's busy as a mini campaign but what happens when you get your party of adventurers off the island? Surely there can't be more adventures waiting around the corner? Well, two things about the island first it marks the first appearance of the Rakshasa who are one of my favorite PC races to play around with. They have a weird blend of Native American and Persian to them. The module describes them; "The rakasta are a race of nomadic, cat-like humanoids. They walk erect, much like humans, but are covered with soft, tawny fur and have feline heads and features. The rakasta fight with special metal “war claws” fitted over their natural claws."  The Rakasta are a perfect avenue to expand the roster of humanoids that the PC's can form an alliance with on the island. A faction with room for lots of adventure opportunities if the DM wants to use them as a hook for future adventures but then again this is true of all of the races featured on the island.

They have a strange emphatic relationship with the saber toothed tigers of the island and in my campaigns were one of the prime movers and shakers on the island where they could leave at any time. This provided the PC's with charts and maps of the surrounding islands only after they had gotten done with the adventure and dealt with some of the islands bits of nastiness. Those charts, maps, and OSR resources came from the Vaults of Pandius website. 

To extend the islands in the sea of Dread there are more then a few options one of which is an island of cannibals. This both gives more opportunities for adventure and more lost world adventure bang for the buck.
 Another island inhabitant that I've switch out from the island is the dread Kopru 
which in my campaigns are a mid point monster between Deep Ones and Brain Lashers.
This adventure has everything that you're going to need to work even more Lost World magic on your players. And this adventure can serve as a cross point into even more high weirdness which we'll get into tomorrow.

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