Wednesday, March 9, 2016

1d20 Random Space Capsule Find Table For Your Old School Space Based And Classic Space Opera rpg Campaigns

Your adventurers come across an ancient space capsule of weird and ancient aspect, the markings don't match any known symbolism or historical nation state. What terrifying and dangerous relic is found inside this visitor from an alternative Earth?
There is a 30% chance of finding the remains of the ancient crew inside this capsule from another age. These beings might be undead or worse.

1d20 Random Space Capsule Find
& Encounter  Table
  1. A strange demonic presence from outside of space and time hovers in the air around the crew. This horror from beyond is the remains of a alien being from beyond space. The thing will be served by 6d10 will o wisp like life orbs. 
  2. A single crystalline corpse houses the spiritual remains of an ancient demonic presence; the crystal form is worth thousands of credits.
  3. A pulsing orb of dangerous alien magical light and energy; this visitor from a strange dimensional plane will try to kill or convert any astronauts or space explorers it comes across. If the old crew remains they will be maximum hit point Ju Ju zombies under this alien intelligence control.
  4. A space suit stuffed with Shoggoth material; the stuff will explode into action when the door is open to the capsule.
  5. The mummified corpse of an alien thing wearing the space crew's astronaut suit. There are several strange alien tools around its neck or what passes for one.
  6. A single pulsing alien jewel sits in the pilots chair pulsing in time to your heart beat and it seems to call to you. It is egg shaped and there is ash on the seat.
  7. Two mummified alien corpses now occupy the pilot chairs of the capsule and look like they've been there for a thousand years. The corpses are flash frozen and mummified but look as if they might come to life at any moment. 
  8. Still living corpse of a humanoid astronaut but the intelligence and soul is missing. A waiting vessel for something much worse from outside in the Outer Darkness. 
  9. A weird hazy demonic presence in a humanoid shape sits in the darkness and frozen cold of the capsule. 
  10. A very detailed golden statue of a humanoid space traveler extremely detailed in every way and form but not human at all. 
  11. A single humanoid shaped tendril over eight feet long and still living with a space suit around it. 
  12.  The capsule is empty of any life at all and everything appears normal
  13. An ancient looking ventriloquist's life sized dummy that seems to smile almost too life like and evilly. The thing radiates a strange alien life force. There is a 40% chance that the thing will resemble one of the PC's.
  14. A frozen pile of eggs belonging to a pod of colours out of space. They will burst forth if disturbed in anyway. A parental colour hovers towards the back of the craft
  15. A corpse in a space suit with a Nazi black sun symbol on it's arm band. And then the thing starts to move and the flies begin to come from within the mouth. 
  16. Flash frozen corpse of some fragile crystal alien being with wearing a United Confederated States space suit its in the cock pit. There is a blaster at its side with an empty power chamber. Five thousand credits are in one of its pockets
  17. A six foot silver brass cylinder robotic unit operates the controls of an alien device attached to the operating system of the capsule within the thing is the preserved brain of a human. 
  18. Three headed twelve eyed alien demon cat spirit sits at the controls and it will attack those opening the capsule door. It guards a mystic sword. 
  19. The entire three man crew are now bonded together as a massive alien flesh Shoggoth entity of incredibly dangerous aspect. The thing is hungry and reacts very quickly.
  20. A jale colored man turned inside out who screams with the remains of his organs. He is a wizard whose summoning spell went very,very, wrong. A demon now hunts for this fool. The original crew is no where to be found.

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