Thursday, February 18, 2016

Raid on The Gibbering Tower Free OSR Adventure & Actual Play Event

So I've been very,very busy at work and its been a wee bit hard to get a quick adventure going for my other New Hartford Connecticut group. Well I've had an old post apocalyptic campaign sitting on a shelf collecting dust for the better part of almost two years after a 'friend' went through a bitter divorce and took one of my gaming groups with him. But tonight I needed a fast adventure that I could run my group of players through fast. The Gibbering Tower is a free introduction to Labryth Lord that can be placed in any OSR campaign setting. The set up is dead easy and the location can be peppered or set dressed as the dungeon master see's fit.

The players managed to clear the tower tonight and I'm just getting home now. The play by play was amazing. They went from room to room dealing with the deadliness of the tower and its environs. I added a bit of wasteland wilderness action to the tower to give them a bit of a run for their money and it went very well. They had a hell of a time dealing with the rooms and minor monsters. They managed to deal with the various rooms but the boss monster and the minions I set down gave them more then a little grief. They had to pull out all of the stops to defeat the big bad and deal with the mysteries of the tower itself. I added a few bits and piece from Realms of Crawling Chaos to throw in a bit of Lovecraftian color to the adventure and give a bit more background for this campaign.

Below the tower is an entire micro dungeon setting that will allow a DM to interconnect the tower into their own dungeon or mega dungeon setting something that will be taking full advantage with the next time we play. They're quite nervous about this upcoming leg of the micro adventure. All in all I think that tonight went rather well.

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