Monday, February 1, 2016

The R'tiqurllothi The Implacable Enemies Of Mankind For Your Old School Campaigns

They are ancient things of abnormal and alien natures beings who loath mankind with a hatred of ten thousand years of warfare. Yet they are so alien no knows nor can understand why these beings hold such a bizarrely violent streak of hatred against human and near human kind. The R'tiqurllothi  are alien beings who may not be intelligent or conscious  in the conventional sense at all. These being pilot space craft, are able to use energy weapons and exploit every single military situation but they're minds are so alien  that there is speculation that they may be guided by other minds or intelligence. These beings may be telepathic puppets of an over mind of incredible power and malignancy

The R'tiqurllothi
No Appearing : 1d6 

Attack: Energy Weapon or 3 claws and a bite 
Damage 1d2 each and 1d3
Save :F1
Move: 180'

The R'tiqurllothi appear in amazingly weird and intricate space craft armed with Macyuguaboi ray pistols of strange design. These pistols do 1d6 points of radioactive destructive damage to anything within a 20' foot radius.  These beings seem to communication among themselves with tight band alien telepathic messages but the insistence among certain Red men scholars is that these things can't be trusted at all. They swarm into their tin can like ships and fly to remote and highly dangerous areas to exploit and destroy the locals in flashy and dangerous fashion. The R'tiqurllothi are a predatory and weird race of beings who operate in an alien completely alien manner destroying anything that their unseen masters wish eleminated or destroyed. Adventurers who have encountered these beings loath them with a passion because of the murders and genocide exploited by these beings. On the plus side they often have rare and valuable technological or weird resources aboard their ships indicating an other worldly force is awake and aware of these beings.

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