Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rematch In The Caves of Chaos - The Return To B2 The Keep On The Borderlands D&D Adventure - Monday Night Play Event

So I just made it home dear readers, after last night's debacle of my players losing two PC's. I got a phone call early yesterday  afternoon and was informed that 'we want a rematch'. The players were all gathered in Bakerville, Ct literally down the road from my house. The only problem it has been snowing like a son of a gun along with ice, sleet, and whatnot. But we braved it and to my surprise all seven players (one could not make it because of his job). The party decided to restock and equip boy did they ever get fleeced by the inhabitants and merchants of the Keep. These con men and women worked them over quite nicely and I kept an eye on the weather.

We picked up the pace and dove right in with the PC's recovering the dead bodies of their comrades. They brought him to a representative of the local spider cult and they were told that one of the bodies was too far gone and infected with the foul magics that animate the trolls. The body would have to be burned as quickly as possible. So that was an extra fifty gold right off the top and the resurrection would be very costly. After some thought and a bit argument among the players they decided to skip it and recruit a new mercenary or adventurer. They were able to recruit another warrior of renown from among  an incoming caravan of trade goods into the keep. One of the players generated a new 2nd level fighter who had just come off duty from the caravan. After paying ninety gold pieces and a minor boon to the spider cult, they really want to stay in those bastard's good graces. The party wanted to head back to the Caves of Chaos, that twisting rat's maze of tunnels and weirdness.
The party of adventurers ran immediately into they cultists from the Caves of Chaos and it wasn't pretty at all. The party of adventurers slugged it out and nearly got their asses handed to them. They looted the bodies and came across a few minor treasures. They deviated and took another path towards the caves. The party  saw some orc warriors and were quite surprised at running into the large number of these bastards. Because I'm using Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerer of Hyperborea as the base for this adventure the orcs have a demonic and Pict origin giving the party real pause and concern. Rolls were made to see what the PC's knew about this race of horrific warriors and the fact that they were so close to the keep itself.

The players had no idea if I had modified B2 or if I've been using a modified version of the adventure. So they were proceeding very carefully with their PC's unlike last time.
And that's when the party saw the cultists speaking with the orc warriors, rather then engage a whole lot of trouble our party of brave adventurers decided to back off and that's when we realized the weather was pretty damn bad here. We had  to draw it to close early. More as the weather let's us play again.

Getting back home even though I only live a mile or so up the road from my host's house was a bit hair raising with the ice and snow. But eventually I made it home with no incidents or problems. The weather has forced me me to run Keep on the Borderlands as a convention set with short and quick gaming actions dictated by the players and dice. This wasn't a problem and with a quick series of minor modifications I was able to run the adventure using Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea.

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