Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review Of Issue #12 of Crawling Under a Broken Moon For Your Dungeon Crawl Classics and Old School Wasteland Campaigns

Welcome back to the warm glow of the radioactive campfire my fellow mutants and adventurers. We've got a brand new glowing issue #12 of Crawling Under A Broken Moon. This is the type of issue that it crammed with material that can add the weirdness into the wastelands. This is the issue that could make an entire mini campaign happen in one issue. If your players don't hate clowns don't worry they will by the time they encounter the bastards and horror of Buddy O’Burger in the wastelands.
What do you get when you combined cannibalism,clowns, fast food chains,and minor gods of the wastelands? Well you get the cult, background, creatures, adventure opportunities,  patron tables, minor monsters of Buddy O’Burger. Basically this brand new cult, patron, and faction all in one.
Here's what you get in this issue's tasty happy meal of pipping hot DCC radioactive glow of gaming goodness.
>The lore of Buddy O’Burger, the beneficent burger god of Feasting, Customer Service, and Cannibalism.
>Full deity and patron information including patron spells
>A new class for those blessed by the gloved hand of Buddy.
>Descriptions of Buddy’s hench-creatures and servants.
But is it worth the four dollars and fifty cents for the download? Yes in spades! Suddenly clerics have a brand new patron to really make their friends uncomfortable. You see buddy really does live up to his parody nature of certain beloved clown restaurant mascot and he's really, really, nasty. Buddy's cult is one part wasteland post apocalyptic fast food chain, two part's Eighties sci fi horror movie, and three parts of awesome. The dungeon master get's a complete cult and wasteland god patron with a really nasty secret not including the cannibalism. This issue is packed with everything you need to construct a full mini campaign. You can use the entire contents of this issue as full blown post apocalyptic faction with a minor god as the backbone of a wasteland territory. The artwork and layout of this issue all focus on Buddy O' Burger and using this mad bastard god and his forces  as the central adventure hub as an enemy or friend of your mutants and adventurers.

Issue #12 Crawling Under A Broken Moon carries everything that a cleric of Buddy O'Burger needs and gives the dungeon master everything he could want to align these wasteland fast food cannibal cults into their DDC waste land games. Every thing from Buddy themed spell burn to taint as well as a cast of fast food minor mascots who have become minor god spirits in their own right is covered. This issue is both parody and more then slightly disturbing campaign fodder. I can see using this material in a modern DCC game where the post apocalyptic vibe is turned slightly down and the horror factor is high. This cult could fit into any small town America road warrior pit stop. The magic items and artifacts alone are awesome enough to bring the volume of weirdness onto thirteen.

Here come the burger boys and their coming to clean house with your PC's.

If you want your clerics to have some very disturbing patrons and yet have some pre apocalyptic background action straight out of an 80's VHS comedy and horror movie then this is it. But is it useful? If you haven't figured out by now this is a solid issue with lots of weird potential to keep a Crawling wasteland campaign going for months. Grab this issue and bring the shining cannibalistic fast food faith of Buddy O'Burger to your corner of the wasteland. Five out of five for originality and dangerous fun with a weird bent. Here's one of my favorite pieces of artwork from this issue.

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