Thursday, February 25, 2016

1d20 Random High Yield & Profit Lovecraftian Space Cargoes For Your Old School Space Opera Campaigns

In the depths of space there are still ancient and unholy traces of  the horrors that once stalked the stars and universe, these traces are worth a fortune to right buyers,wizards, cults and worse. Would your adventurers deal with such unscrupulous partners and buyers?

And it was then that Nyarlathotep came out of Egypt. Who he was, none could tell, but he was of the old native blood and looked like a Pharaoh. The fellahin knelt when they saw him, yet could not say why. He said he had risen up out of the blackness of twenty-seven centuries, and that he had heard messages from places not on this planet. Into the lands of civilisation came Nyarlathotep, swarthy, slender, and sinister, always buying strange instruments of glass and metal and combining them into instruments yet stranger. He spoke much of the sciences—of electricity and psychology—and gave exhibitions of power which sent his spectators away speechless, yet which swelled his fame to exceeding magnitude. Men advised one another to see Nyarlathotep, and shuddered. And where Nyarlathotep went, rest vanished; for the small hours were rent with the screams of nightmare. Never before had the screams of nightmare been such a public problem; now the wise men almost wished they could forbid sleep in the small hours, that the shrieks of cities might less horribly disturb the pale, pitying moon as it glimmered on green waters gliding under bridges, and old steeples crumbling against a sickly sky.
By H. P. Lovecraft

High Profit Yield Lovecraftian Space Cargoes 1d20 Random Table 
  1. Mi Go Brain Cylinder Of Several Mad Space Emperors. 300 credits each
  2. Great Race Of Yith Time Portal Equipment 40,000 credits 
  3. Shaggoth proto matter 2000 credits per vial 
  4. The  Black Milk of Shub Niggurth contained with warded scared vessels. 600 credits per portion 
  5. Deep One Spawned One Slaves 3 hit points each. 4,000 credits for an unhatched egg clutch 
  6. Summoning Machine for a Dimensional Shambler includes plans 4000 credits 
  7. The Live Head of A Necromancer From Beyond The Pale 5000 credits to the right buyer 
  8. A sealed Warrior Of Yig 4 hit points 6000 credits  
  9. A Voomis Egg Clutch 300 eggs unhatched 370 credits for the lot 
  10. Time Locked Shaggoth Material In Crystal Matrix - Can Be Used As WMD 5000 credits 
  11. 1d6 Ghoul Warriors 3rd level in Cyrotubes waiting to be released upon unsuspecting targets 60000 credits each to the right buyer. 
  12. Mi Go mining bug contraption with the brain of a mad prospector and engineer melded together. The bio mechanical thing has a full load of power crystals and minerals. 
  13. 1d4 Serpent Men scientists in suspension from a cult clutch,  waiting for reviving. Worth about 30,000 credits if the crew is alive when these bastards wake up. 
  14. Dimensional shambler summoning device and protection  system 30000 credits taken from a long forgotten alien ruin. 
  15. Alien cultist mummy actually a lich of the 16th level of wizard who was converted into lichdom. Rich collectors will pay over 70000 credits for a specimen. There is a cult seeking this priest 
  16. 1d3 Spawn clutch of Shub Niggurth which is held within a time capsule belonging to the Great Race worth about 80,000 credits as a weapon of mass destruction. 
  17. Deep One Shaggoth Material and control rods kept within a time slice cubic gate material 
  18. 1d6 Night Gaunt eggs worth 50,000  credits each to the right wizard or magus. There are already night gaunt warriors after these and they will murder anyone in their way. 
  19. A jeweled control amulet for a minor spawn of Cthulhu worth an easy 58,000 credits to the right collector but the agents from the Church of Starry Wisdom are looking for these items and will kill anyone who gets in their way. 
  20. Shining Multi Faceted Crystal Works of  This system of devices summons the Outer God to End The World. Worth about 80,000 credits to the right cult or wizard

Please note that all of the above items carry a strange eldritch taint which will do 1d3 points of damage to the person handling them over 1d6 days. Each day a point will be done to the owner unless they are aware & follow with successive save versus poison each day. Sell the item as soon as possible to avoid this mythos taint

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