Wednesday, February 3, 2016

1d6 Random Finds From the Pawn Shops Table For The Alpha Blue rpg And Your Old School Campaigns

The tables and gambling halls of Alpha Blue the space brothel lead to several pawn shops that can give you loans on watches, jewelry, and much more. These establishments help to separate adventurers, space tyrants, and others from their valuable coins and blue bucks. The hedonistic delights of the Alpha Blue setting allows a DM to pull all sorts of stunts to get the adventurers separated from their money. But there is also a prime opportunity for adventurers to pick up cheap and unusual equipment on the cheap.

There is a twenty percent chance that some item or do dad that the PC's have been search of will be as part of these pawn broker's wares.
1d6 Random Finds From the Pawn Shops Table

  1. Model 33 pleasure android of weird aspect, this is a actually an assassin android that has been hiding out from the long arm of the space law. 6th level assassin bot with all kinds of mini weapons, tools, and other hidden compartments. They're asking 600 blue bucks for the android. 
  2. +2 dagger made from the spine of some small humanoid. the thing glows with an an inner fire each time a thing from Hell or the Outer Darkness is within twenty yards of the owner. Worth about 500 blue bucks to the right owner. 
  3. Glowing set of throwing stars that homes in on their target, these stars burst into flaming death when exposed to the things of chaos and horror. These throwing stars have the letters M.M. emblazoned on them. 
  4. Wand of dark submission allows its owner to hit a target with a painful alien radiation for 1d6 points of damage and then a magical domination effect kicks in after 1d4 rounds allowing command a minor monster or demon within twenty feet of the owner. 
  5. Very advanced blaster of archaic design that allows one select not only the minor ray type and then use this weapon to hit things that can't be normally hit with an energy weapon. Worth 300 blue bucks for this weapon. 
  6. A casket of the Old Ones, this device allows one to use 1d4 spells from Thule and summon 1d4 minor demonic forces. There also a 40% chance that should a demon or devil seeing the casket will go out of their way to murder or kill the owner. The casket every new moon allows one to re roll a failed attempt at something the arcane energies allow the owner to dally with time. The casket is worth 7000 blue bucks. 
These items are located and guarded by powers of incredible potent abilities and there are other items that change hands many times. This is only a small cross section of these items.

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