Sunday, February 14, 2016

Slaughter At B2 Keep On The Borderlands D&D Adventure Sunday Actual Play Event

So this past Sunday I got a chance to run a group of adventurers through the venerable Keep on the Borderlands. The party of seven adventurers had a great time braving the depths of the Caves of Chaos and dealing with the wily monsters. The NPC's had them for a loop as it had been years since anyone had actually played the module. I used the Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea rpg to run them through the Keep and its weird cast of characters. We  had to modify our regular OSR game because of two of our players couldn't make our regular Sunday game.

Everything went fine until the party got to the Caves of Chaos and then it became pretty evident that the dice were not in the player's favor. Things escalated quickly as two of the player's PC's went down. A cleric and a warrior were slaughtered after facing down a troll. There was a moment of sheer disbeif on the player's faces. Then all six players wanted that thing dead and began a beat down on it. The caves proved to be a bit more dangerous then everyone remembered and I sprinkled in evidence of a cult recently operating within the place. The party quickly stashed their comrades bodies and then penetrated deeper into the caves and ran smack into an owl bear and its cultist handler. The party's wizard webbed the bastard cultist before he could loosen the chains of the owl bear who was under a magical spell. They ran and grabbed their comrade's bodies.

We all had a great time running through this adventure and it went pretty quick because of the timing and pacing involved. Two PC's bit the dust because of the Caves of Chaos and a couple of bad rolls. The module holds up rather well over the years and play was a blast with all hands on deck due to the dangerous tricks and traps that B2 holds in store for its PC's. All in all it was really nice Sunday game day. The PC's swore to revisit this bastion of evil as they made their way back to the keep.

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