Sunday, February 21, 2016

Commentary On The Free 10 Short Adventures for Mutant Future/Labyrinth Lord PDF From Hereticwerks For Your Old School Campaigns

I've been looking for a jump off point for porting over some of my old school adventurers into a blood soaked Mutant Future/Labyrinth Lord Advanced Companion campaign whist I wait for Steve and his brothers to return to Connecticut. Right now my Warriors of the Red Planet game is on hold for another week or so. In the meantime I've been resurrecting my old campaign and going over some of the resources that I've quietly tucked away along with some of the tricks of my short stint campaign tricks that I've come up with over the years.

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One of these resources for Mutant Future dates all of the way back to 2011 and the Hereticwerks blog. Way back when they had 10 Short Adventures for Mutant Future as a free download and OSR blog challenge way back when. In my opinion they succeeded well beyond expectation for Mutant Future or Labyrinth Lord. You get about ten small and easily adaptable adventure seeds that jump start a campaign into high gear.

Many of these ten seeds will actually launch an OSR campaign and can be used as different hex crawl encounters for a sandbox campaign. These work on lots of levels and can give a DM a good opportunity to really get their campaign off the ground in style. The trick is to use these for a DYI experience and many of these could be used to cross point to create your own OSR post apocalyptic wasteland adventures. The adventure seeds could be used to create your own OD&D style wasteland campaign from the ground up. They provide just enough material to get folks started within their own sword and sorcery plus mutants campaign quite nice and easily. Remember though your own mileage with these materials may vary.

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