Monday, February 29, 2016

Brush With The Beyond Down Into The Gibbering Maze - Free OSR Adventure Map Pack & Actual Play Event

So once again its been a hell of a busy week here and tonight I'm resuming my usual Monday night game with my players. I've needed a fast dungeon to stock and get things moving in the underworld below the Gibbering Tower.
A free map pack is available perfectly suited as a twisting network of tunnels and dangerous locations to bring your adventurers grief.

Fortunately I remembered a free map pack that Dragon's foot had that works out perfectly for an underworld encounter of twisting caverns populated by weird mutant horrors. But what sort of mutant horrors, undead and other weirdly twisted creatures have the the PC's encountered in the

Well, the Beyond has figured in their pasts quite nastily. And they've crossed paths with the twisted entities of the Serpent Queen in the past. Between Realms of Crawling Chaos and Obscene Serpent Religion I've got about ninety percent of all of the serpent cult's  bases covered. Wish the PC's luck they're going to need it!

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