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1d20 Random Martian Super Science Finds & Relics Table For Warriors of the Red Planet Second Edition & Your Old School Campaigns

In the far and remote corners of Mars there are still ancient secrets and caches of mysterious relics that await your PC's. They're power borders on magick and world bending power, they drive men mad and deep into the Martian interior in search of the aura of power that surrounds such objects.

There is a twenty percent chance of these objects carrying a minor curse or weird magical effect upon them that has come down from the ancient ones.

1d20 Random Martian Super Science Finds & Relics Table

  1. Azgbagororogli Bakong's Folly - This device was created by a minor Martian noble who was fused in a teleporation accident with his father. The resulting mad genius created a device that bends space and time allowing 1d8 temporal illusion of the owner to be created but there is a 30% chance each time this device is used that a temporal doppleganger will be left behind to try and murder the owner. The effect lasts for 2d6 rounds. The illusions can be commanded to do a wide variety of minor acts within 20 feet of the owner.
  2. Fauroliaula's Sword - This sword was formed from the crystalline heart of an ancient warrior of Order, the sword hates a evil and chaos and will try to take over the owner. It acts a +2 weapon but there are those who think the thing is actually a part of an ancient war mechanism left over from a long forgotten Martian war.
  3. Glarg Kabantul's Statue - This weird technological organic statue is a combination of advanced elemental technologies and sorcerous power. The statue holds the mental matrix of a long dead mentalist and has 1d6 random mentalist powers when found. But after 1d6 days of the owner using it, the evil spirit of the thing will try to possess the owner and return his evil to Mars.
  4. Lirg Maurug's circlet - This piece of jewelry allows the owner to phase walls as per the ghostly power but it only works for 1d6 times and then the circlet will swallow the soul of its owner to power its next cycle of abilities.
  5. Nglaurcala's crown - This crown allows the owner to see into 2d6 nearby dimensions and affect the inhabitants of those. Used in the past this crown could according to legend and myth open inter dimensional gateways allowing the horrors and weird things to attack Nglaurcala's enemies. He was a powerful sorcerer of the Black Gate.
  6. Otutur's Device - Is a device of power capable of holding the powers of the Outer Darkness at bay. These things will not come within a twenty foot radius circle of the owner and will take 1d6 points of damage per round to their temporary being. But the device must be fed 1d8 pints of blood per day or it will cease operation and may even act as a lurer for these beings.
  7. Rguing Saronimercher - Is a statue of a minor Martian noble whose father had him preserved as a guardian and warrior for all eternity in Mar's ancient past. This statue will create an electrical field capable of frying a small army of men within a sixty yard radius of its activation. The key word is written on the fore head of the statue which will do 1d8 +2 points of damage to all within its field of operation as it taps into the ancient Martian dimensional poles. The key word can be spoken from over a mile away and the statue will activate. Ancient scrolls say that the statue murders those of evil who use it for horrid acts.
  8. Llotlot - This is a six legged ancient Martian animal preserved in the flesh and with weird cybernetic machinery within its hide. Upon activation this thing will seek out ancient treasures and relics from nearby vaults and hidden Martian lairs. This thing is much sought after by wizards and the like
  9. Migol-hoteho's Dagger - This ancient key like device is used to activate certain forbidden technologies and ancient relics. These are detailed in the Hy Ra scrolls of power and mystery.
  10. Naub's Horror - This is an ancient device used for assassination and terror by the Order of The Crimson Death. The horror upon activation flies to its target which has been telepathically programmed into the small mechanical looking insect life form & poisons the target. The target must save vs death or die immediately but that not the final insult. The device collects DNA, and other genetic information which the owner can use to grow a replacement of the target and under the owner's control.
  11. Noat's Breath - This relic of war is used to create a cloud kill effect within a seven mile radius of its activation by remote telepathic command. It will have 1d8 charges within it when found.
  12. Photatach's Reliquary- This ancient coffin like device is used to create exacting life like cybernetic parts and organs for its owner healing 1d20 points of damage. But there are those who say that the ancient god thing owns the minds, souls, and bodies of those who use this device. 
  13. Sabo-bhaqusth- This ancient Martian device is actually a telepathic resonator and creates a sense of god like well being and false sense of religious like well being. It is said to have been a relic of war and those who worshiped this false idol were brought under the telepathic control of its owner. Details of its operation remain lost to history and legend at best. It can create a charm spell within a 3 mile radius of its operation.
  14. Siq-arabot's Ray - This relic creates a ray that can both heal the mind, and soul of foul demonic energies but the owner's aura is vulnerable to the powers of darkness for 1d8 days after receiving treatment. Seven mentalists must be brought in to guard those being treated with this device.
  15. Migol-hoteho's Worm - Is a relic of ancient times that swallows a victim and unless a save vs death is made the victim is turned into a cybernetic warrior of incredible destructive power. But rulers have thought at this device could be used to create armies of these warriors not so. The warrior created by the worm serves the device's twisted programming and hidden agenda. Warriors fight as 4th level fighting men and have radium weaponry built into hidden caches.
  16. El'hactuteiqu's Wonderful Navigation Device - This relic allows one to teleport across incredible distances including 1d8 light years of interstellar distance but the device's minor abilities allow one to to peer into hidden nearby worlds and scry into hidden regions of Mars. There is a 20% chance each time this is done of activating the teleportation powers. These devices are sometimes hidden in remote caches of the Martian underworld.
  17. Hathaigggh's Memory - This device is actually the stripped mind and soul of several ancient black wizards and allows one to access to remote and forbidden secrets of black magick that swims in the unknown soul places of the Martian underworld. There is a forty percent chance that when these wizards are consulted that a demonic life form or worse is summoned. They are a dangerous, evil, and fickle lot of murderous horrors at best in the memory. They can use 1d6 black gate spells per day and spread their corruption within a 20 foot radius.
  18. Iqu-eit - This ancient robotic like device is actually a medical robot of incredible skill capable of healing wounds to both body and mind. These bots are sought after but very rare because of their abilities, they have the ability of a cure heavy wounds spell six times per day. Evil scientists are known to reprogram them for very dangerous purposes including the creation of certain forbidden cybernetic technologies.
  19. Liquthotl - A remote flying sorcerous basket ball sized eye like devices used in summoning rites, the will blast targets for 1d8+1 points of damage and a wizard is only one who might be able to sooth them with a charm spell to telepathically reprogram them. They can under the right circumstances and rituals be used to summon a major demon or other outer worldly essence.
  20. Zha-goth- Foul and dangerous relics of war capable of being used to open forbidden dimensions, these watch sized devices can open hidden Martian dimensional seals and gates four times per day. They are forbidden left overs from ancient times and many Martian cities will instantly slay those who have such devices.

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