Sunday, February 7, 2016

Review and Commentary On Gregorius21778: Looks & Details Of Post-Apocalyptic Marauders By Kai Pütz a.k.a Gregorius21778 For Your Old School Campaigns

During last night's post apocalyptic mash up game I used a gift product from Kai Pütz a.k.a Gregorius21778 to generate a few marauders with plenty of color,  flash, and PA style to them. Marauders are the go to quick encounter for post apocalyptic games. For a dollar eleven you get a main random table and eight sub tables for a quick series of mad bastards and gangs that can put your adventurers in your favorite games to the test. This is a system agnostic product and can easily be slipped in as a go to random marauder kit for any post apocalyptic system. It can be used with any retroclone systems or adventures.


According to the Rpg now blurb; "
Looks & Details of post-apocalyptic marauders includes a main table of 99 items as well as several sub tables with additional entries, offering different apparels, facial features or other characteristics a GM can utilize to individualize his descriptions of various NPCs. They are meant to add some “colour” to otherwise faceless groups (or hordes) who otherwise would just be nondescript guards or combatants to be overcome. The dice used are d100, d8 and d6."
Here's the real trick with any of these types of tables and OSR style products you have to use them before adventure & encounter prep time as the DM. Its all fine and dandy if your grabbing one of these products to use in your arsenals but its really about using these before a session of play begins. Gregorius21778: Looks & Details Of Post-Apocalyptic Marauders is meant for Mad Max/ Road Warrior post apocalyptic road combat rpgs and it shows. That's fine in my book and the product does a nice job of randomly rolling up the details and bits to add spice to gangs. I can see using this product more at the table for a great deal for anything from Twilight 2000 all the way through Gamma World or even Mutant Epoch. The fact is that its solidly done with a bit of art and lots utility with a bit of imagination. Do I think its worth the dollar eleven on Rpgnow? Yes there's even a little bit of artwork thrown in to get the road warrior style of feel.

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