Thursday, February 25, 2016

Seventy Hour Count Down For 'Girls Gone Rogue' Adventure Kickstarter & Another Random 1d20 Random Weird Motivations For The Alien Space Overlord Table

So there's now less then seventy hours until the Girls Gone Rogue kickstarter begins its slow descend back into the depths of space but there's still time to get involved with this great endeavor with Venger Satanis. They're only two hundred and forty dollars from unlocking another stretch goal and bringing the debauchery into full blown madness within the depths of space. There's also up a brand new Alpha Blue   game play adventure up over at Venger's Blog.


So far the stretch goals and star ship maps have been coming off like the cloths of a facilitator and some of the pieces have been quite nice and very useful for gaming of all kinds of interstellar hi jinks. So I'm looking forward to getting to see both the finished product and what else is uncovered. Well so to speak from a gaming perspective. The fact is that many of the maps and things I've seen are very well done. There's lots of potential for all kinds of mayhem and weirdness to come out of this adventure.

But in the depths of debauched space who knows really what the alien overlord's real motives are? What sorts of depraved acts and most evil deeds will come to plague our stout hearted heroes? Well you my find dungeon masters!

 Random 1d20 Random Weird Motivations
For The Alien Space Overlord Table

  1. This evil overlord is motivated by a desire for interstellar monies and sees human as well as human like races as merely organ bags to be diced up and sold off to the highest bidder. It takes great delight in its pursue of profit to the highest bidder. 
  2. Motives are for lesser beings and life forms, I pursue the goal of immortality through the acts and sacraments of evil you are merely stepping stones on my path. 
  3. Perversion and mere sins of the flesh are things to be exploited among the baser races and you are simply another tool in my arsenal. 
  4. Evil and good are merely conceits for lesser beings my flesh, will, and motives are served by beings far beyond your petty intelligence. 
  5. I tread in the darkest cosmic truths and manifest my inner will as a means of power, you are my pathway and victims 
  6. You are my source of protein and souls little foul thing. 
  7. I'm motivated by the vibrations and commands of my other worldly masters, you & your race shall be their building blocks. 
  8. The darkness between the stars holds far more then your little mind can fathom that is why I must use it to build bridges across dimensions. 
  9. I find reality based life forms annoying so you must be purged from existence. 
  10. Your race makes pleasing hats for my customers. 
  11. Humans and your races make such nice pets for the kids. 
  12. Motive what is that? We use an entirely new set of emotions and norms for our race. You are merely old & outmoded models of this reality's inhabitants. 
  13. Don't think of this as death instead it is a transition into my master's realms. 
  14. I'm motivated out of boredom and you make such nice screams. 
  15. Your races have the best toys and you must be controlled like little interstellar children. My spawn will feast on your fun and organs. 
  16. You are merely another pathway for one my myriad of masters and alien patrons, this is business and nothing personal. 
  17. I'm motivated by the powers of cosmic and it is my mandate to clean the universes of lesser beings. Nothing personal. 
  18. This is simply business. Torture, dark sorcery, and demonic horror is my business and business is very good. 
  19. The darkness between the stars hungers for your ichor and organs! Shall we begin? 
  20. Evil and good are nothing compared to the sights which await you under my care and attentions. Motives are for those others your flesh calls to me instead.

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