Sunday, February 7, 2016

Gamma World/Crawling Under A Broken Moon DCC Rpg Mash Up Actual Play Event - Using The Cleansing War of Garik Blackhand (Gamma World Adventure GW3) Written By Michael Price and Garry Spiegle

This is a crucial time in the wastelands as a peace accord between two tribes of mutants is almost at hand. Tribal warfare is just about at an end until the foul specter of an ancient enemy rears its head. The PC's in tonight's eight man game have just been dropped deep into the The Cleansing War of Garik Blackhand (Gamma World Adventure GW3).

"The fearsome Scarlet Knights of Genetic Purity have declared a campaign of terror against all mutants -- humanoids and mutated animals!! Your bitter enemies, the Gray Rock tribe, have accused your tribe, the White Feathers, of murder and treachery. Your tribe is now under sentence of death -- you and your party have been declared outlaws and traitors. The fate of your tribe lies in your hands. Pursued by an enraged mob of mutants, you must flee across the frozen Parklands of the Ancients [Yellowstone] to find proof of your innocence.

In tonight's adventure our party of intrepid 'Crawling Under A Broken Moon' mutant and otherwise  adventurers has run afoul of  old adversaries when their tribe the White Feathers has been accused of foul deeds by the Gray Rock tribe. The PC's have been chased and pursued by a mob of angry mutants into the frozen lands of the Yel'Stone Park area. They know that a faction of the Knights of Genetic Purity led by the  infamous leader Garik Blackhand is behind the Gray Rock's accusations. Yes that's right we're playing The Cleansing War of Garik Blackhand (Gamma World Adventure GW3).
This module has everything that Gamma World DM actually needs to straight up use as a campaign touch stone. Nasty vile villains, mutant NPC's, lots of relic and treasure opportunities, and a boat load of mini scenarios to launch the PC's into a fully realized campaign. This isn't an easy module to deal with there are lots of ins and outs of it. Complicating matters is the fact that two of the PC's in tonight's game are straight up DCC warriors and they have a wizard among them.

So far they party of heroes has managed to get into the Yel'Stone Park area after nearly getting their rears handed to them with a few random encounters and dying at the hands of the mutant riot squad that the Gray Rock Tribe has turned into. These guys loath this particular faction of the Scarlet Knights of Genetic Purity and during various other DCC/Crawling Under A Broken Moon games that they've played I've dropped in a vile NPC here or there as well as having them heard the name Garik Blackhand around the camp fire. Stories of this bastard have surfaced from time to time. As well the occasional burnt up mutant village and genocide purge by the Knights that they've come across. This is a whole different matter when they've been run out of town on a rail and the situation has gone from bad to worse.

See the knight on the on the big walker? Well that bastard is what the players thought of when they encountered their first knight. Instead of facing the bastard down they did the smart thing and ran tonight. They ran deep into the park and we had to call it a night a bit early because one of our players has to work in the morning.
More to come next week we meet again.

Notes On Running The Cleansing War of
Garik Blackhand (Gamma World Adventure GW3) With DCC And The  Crawling Under A  Broken Moon Fanzine

The very first thing I'm going to tell you is to make sure that you have your DCC rule book and Crawling Issue#1 handy for PC development. The next thing is that The Cleansing War of Garik Blackhand (Gamma World Adventure GW3) is only nine dollars on Amazon for a used copy. UX01: High Caliber Hijinks is a must straight up, the combination of black powder and energy weapons along with guns is crucial to making this conversion work. All of the issues related to vehicles and transportation is probably essential reading as well especially issue #6 and #7 respectively. Issues #2, #3, #4, #5 are also solid because of the backgrounds for religions and wasteland patrons but issue #10 and #11 also come in handy for the clerical and priest material in the wastes.
Dungeon masters should be prepared for lots of magical, mutational, and arcane action from their players with a bit of spell burning and high stakes encounters. DM's should handle the mini scenarios in this adventure on a one to one basis with regards to how the players handle the plot lines. This isn't an adventure that's played for yucks and instead its quite deadly and full of NPC machinations on a whole different set up and play level. Players could throw the DM for a loop if he's not paying attention and this adventure is very unforgiving when it comes to TPK in certain encounters. If the party plays it stupid then they're going to pay and pay hard. Make sure the players have a few spare character sheets. A further thought is to create a funnel from the beginning appearances and legends of the raids of the Knights of Genetic Purity. This creates an overall sense of unity among a party as the PC's villages and settlements are raided by the Knights. As for certain plot points in this adventure they can be changed to suit as need with all commercial adventures. The play is the thing with any of these adventures and DM's should be ready on the fly as necessary.

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