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New Free Starship Maps From 'The Girls Gone Rogue' Kickstarter By Venger Satanis & A New Alien Race Plus D6 Random Space Adventurer Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

So in case you haven't heard Venger Satanis has a brand new Kickstarter for his O5R space brothel/Rpg system Alpha Blue. It's really hard to pin down what Alpha Blue is like, its a space opera campaign with 'R' rated elements. Sure its gratuitous for its own sake but in a VHS Eighties sci fi rental setting way, the system is simple, easy, and rather intuitive in its own right. Now there's a brand new adventure that is easily adaptable to not only Alpha Blue but any old school space opera called 'Girls Gone Rogue'.  The adventure's plot puts our adventurers at odds with some very dangerous and sleazy interstellar movers & shakers. According to the Kickstarter the plot goes something like this; "Basically, a sex-bot by the name of Ilsa SS has gone berserk and is killing high-ranking officials of the Federation.  PCs are "persuaded" to seek and destroy her.  Everything else flows from there or is some kind of unrelated side-adventure."


Now there's a brand new set of free plans for a space cantina  and a brand new space craft called the Sunfish. According to Glynn over at Monkey Blood Designs ;"The silhouette shows the comparison on the new Sunfish Class freighter against the penile-shaped Flamingo Class freighter (see Alpha Blue).
The Sunfish Class deckplan will have a 300dpi 34x22" version file, as well as double-page spread in the book too." But now the Alpha Blue design crew is offering free downloads of these ships to stir interest in the Girls Gone Rogue adventure Kickstarter.

What makes these really nice is the fact that they can in fact be added right into ANY old school space opera. That also means that Alpha Blue can easily be converted to your favorite old school retro clone space opera system. You as the DM could set the tone and level of erotism that you want as in none at all if your audience wants. But is this Kickstarter worth it to support? I think so. I know Venger's gaming materials and was surprised at the page count when my copy arrived. The game is crammed with lots of useful bits and pieces that can easily be converted over to your favorite space opera retroclone or played by itself. The game is pretty damn tight on its own.
Here's the feel of what the Alpha Blue author and crew is going for; "
Girls Gone Rogue will be somewhere around 50 pages and will contain more tables for character, setting, and story creation to help Space Dungeon Masters manage their universe.  [I just finished writing a d100 table called Peculiarities of Female NPCs based upon my love of Seinfeld and gratuitous dating experiences]
But most importantly, GGR will contain several scenarios, some longer, some shorter, that will allow for months of sci-fi campaigning.  Specifically, these adventures will be influenced by Firefly/Serenity, Blade Runner, Escape From New York,  Star Wars, and many more!"

One location and adventure element has me serious intrigued and that's Boba Fatt's junk yard, the art for this location has me wondering about it. Space junk yards are the perfect location to get NPC's and players at cross purposes especially when it comes to space ship part that an adventurer needs.There is one vile race that haunts the space junk yards around the Zeta 9 clusters and is always found on Alpha Blue..
The Urughiboggor
  the Urughiboggor whose names sounds like a venereal disease and they are hated by human and semi humanoid races across the planes. These mutated highly evolved bastards are a scourge on the interstellar scene. They are alien terrors that have the minds of a mad scientists and the sex drive of a dog in heat. They don't have the sex organs to match fortunately but they make up for it by creating high end sex toy android hybrids. They steal entire swaths of humanoid populations for their twisted agendas and often engage in highly complex schemes to get their ways. Each and every drive of these freak's society is geared towards and around the pursuit of sex in some fashion. These beings are completely amoral and haunt space junk yards in search of rare space craft and robotic parts for their latest twisted sex bot or android. Nine times out of ten they will be piloting these twisted super science creations. On Alpha Blue they are often employed as technicians and scientists for the repair of certain advanced systems aboard the space brothel. They are paid in parts, favors and things better left not  described. They have been known to serve the twisted and jaded palettes of the royals on Thule as well and from time to time pilot highly dangerous 2nd level fighter bots with heavy stunners built into their creations.

Size/Type: Small (Space Dwarf size)/Alien
# Appearing: Solitary
Health: 27 [Level 1]
Armor: 2
Dice Pool: 3d6/3d6
Special Attack: Heavy Stun From Bot, blaster or wand
Note that they consider any and all humanoid species to be parts and pieces of some future twisted high end super science device or robot.

Another facet of the Alpha Blue rpg is the number of opportunities for adventurers to run across the path other sleazoid space adventurers. True blue heroes are hard to find but the desperate and dangerous spacers always seem to follow in the wake of Alpha Blue. Here are some of the 1d20 space adventurer NPC's you might run into.

1d20 Desperate Space Adventurers
and Outlaws Table

  1. Teig-nihu crew of 1d8 space dwarves who are looking for the next big score after their asteroid mining wind fall ran out at the gambling tables on Alpha Blue. Armed and very dangerous crew of cut throat bastards. 
  2. Sex starved mutant space pirates looking to score an easy ship full of loot.They ride the space winds in the Violet Cutter a fast and capable ship armed to the teeth. 
  3. A crew of half dead humanoid warriors whose captain was killed by loan sharks aboard Alpha Blue, these bastards are looking for a few quick victims. 
  4. A medical crew ship's crew  looking for some donors for some quick organ legger sales. There are 1d10 of these warrior doctor types looking to make some quick cash. 
  5. Followers of N'oinachot's cult, there are eight of these quick tempered cultists who are looking for another crew of fools to sacrifice to their mad god thing and they also use the bones for jewelry and tourist souvenirs. Nothing goes to waste with these fanatics of the Lovecraft gods. 
  6. 8 Tendril alien warriors on a mission to find their missing space prince or  princess, time is getting late and they need a new candidate. They heard rumors she was aboard Alpha Blue but to no avail. Any attractive female or male humanoids might be candidates for this?!? There's also the little matter of brain sucking cybernetic conversion after the rite of ascension is over.

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