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Review and Commentary On 'The Pay What You Want' Post Apocalyptic Adventure - One Day Digs 5 Lilac Towers Adventure From Outland Arts For Your Old School Campaigns

The Mutant Epoch Rpg doesn't get enough love on this blog and recently I noticed a few changes and brand new titles coming out for this wonderful little post apocalyptic rpg by Outland Arts. Basically Mutant Epoch is a two hundred and forty eight post apocalyptic rpg system done by one author William McAusland  which presents a plethora of player character choices these include a myriad of options for players and game masters: lots  of cybernetic implants, mutations both beneficial and flaw, options for pure stock humans, bioreplicas, clones,trans/humans, cyborgs,ghosts mutants, mutants and beastmen characters, a vast skill set, tons of equipment,vehicles, hazards, monsters, rules for called shots, chase scenes, siege warfare.  The game is a post apocalyptic love letter to old school games such as Gamma World first and second edition along with Metamorphosis Alpha 1st edition. But Mutant Epoch is really its own system with random table after incredible table of PC options. The game could be used to enhance other post apocalyptic old school games such as Gamma World or even Mutant Future. But really it stands on its on two feet. There is a ton of support out there for Mutant Epoch. There quite a few differences between the Mutant Epoch rpg and say something like OD&D or some of the OSR retro clones on the market. Mutant Epoch relies on skill based rolls,the system is unique and offers a myriad of skills and chances to customize PC's with a ton of options that the Mutant Epoch is known for. There is also the One Day Digs line of adventures. These adventures are the perfect opportunity to launch PC's into the deep end of the adventure setting and events. This brings me to One Day Digs Five. What are 'One Day Digs'?

One day digs are basically one shot or convention style post apocalyptic adventures created to be played in one sitting, short, sweet and with lots of action. One Mutant Epoch adventure that caught my eye was
Lilac Towers.


Lilac Towers is a fifteen page adventure written by
Danny Seedhouse  it continues the trend seen by other Outland Arts adventures. Drop an adventure location into the wasteland of the Mutant Epoch rpg and let the PC's deal with the encounters. The plot is straight out of the Gamma World or Mutant Future playbook;
"Exposed by a recent landslide, the 11th floor entrance into the once luxurious Lilac Towers is now visible. The PC adventurers find the pathway up to the mysterious ruins while tracking hostile skullock and moaners.
            Why would two mutant species who normally hate each other work together? Who rules them? What horrors, and loot, will be found in the buried hotel? Only a closer inspection will reveal the truth."
 This adventure has more then few things going for it the artwork is fantastic, the plot and writing is very tight and this adventure is easily convertible over to Gamma World or Mutant Future. The adventure location of Lilac Towers is introduced right out of the gate and is a very dangerous as well as deadly little location. The place features several key monsters from Mutanr Epoch that move the action along at a good clip. NPC's snap into place and the entire adventure has a convention feel to it. Here's what you get for your money,there
are 8 maps, 14 illustrations and two creature variants including Moaner Immortals and Tuskers.

Everything in this module is geared for a fast set up, quick sit down, a solid PC generation time and a quick dive right into the session. This adventure has a plethora of quick adventure elements and continues the tradition of expanding the adventure locations of the world setting  of Mutant Epoch rpg. This means that there's plenty of adventure even fifteen pages for an adventure. The cartography is great and there's plenty of room for adding in your own dungeon master's thumb print into lilac towers. This is an adventure with plenty going on under the hood and room for expanding the plot into a number of directions there is the option of expanding the adventure plot line into some of the other 'One Day Dig' adventure titles to create a mini campaign of epic proportions. There are several new bits and pieces that add to the utility of this adventure and this is an adventure that feels like it has the potential to be a winner to me.
Lilac towers is a great little addition to your OSR or DYI post apocalyptic landscape and could keep post apocalyptic adventurers busy for some time to come. This is definitely a five out of five of an adventure in my book. Go download this adventure and start putting your PC's into the cross hairs of a very dangerous location and set of circumstances today.

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