Monday, February 15, 2016

Commentary On The Free Old School Horror Fanzine The Release of Protodimension Issue #25 February For 2016 & Your Old School Horror Campaigns


So the guys over at Protodimensions have cut down the page count and upped the nastiness factor in this issue. There's lots happening here and the page count has been cut down but we've got a leaner and much meaner beast of an old school rpg horror anthology fanzine. The latest cuts go something like this:

  1. Mercurial, A metallic proto-dimension by Ron McClung for Dark Conspiracy
  2. Wight Wedding, Something Old, Something Horrid by Shae Davidson for Cthulhu Dark
  3. A Conspiracy Amongst the Stars, A Dark Conspiracy inspired campaign by Linden Dunham for the 3:16 RPG
  4. Sights Seldom Seen, An Urban Explorer Career by Jason D McEwen for Conspiracy Rules/Dark Conspiracy III
  5. El Niebla Roja, A Bar Brawl by Phil Ward for Dark Conspiracy
  6. The Graesha, A Critter by Mitchell Schwartz for Dark Conspiracy

    Basically this issue packs a lot of useful & dangerous material for the old school horror DM to sink their teeth into. A bit of everything that we need to really get the blood flowing from your victim ermm player's PC's. And if you like what you see contact the guys over at Protodimension for article or adventure that you'd love to see in print for Call of Cthulhu, Dark Conspiracy or one of the other myriad of titles that the fanzine supports.

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