Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Even More New Free Starship Maps From 'The Girls Gone Rogue' Kickstarter By Venger Satanis

So Venger Satanis's Girls Gone Rogue Kickstarer has released another space craft from the weird and wildly talented folks at Monkey Blood Designs. Tiny Dancer is a really nice little adventurer or space rogue style of ship that says volumes to me about the design direction and ideas that the author has in mind for his Alpha Blue rpg line. You see as much as Alpha Blue is a sleazy R or X rated space brothel science fiction and fantasy rpg system done under Venger's pen its also got at its comedic heart and hot sweaty thighs a center of beating pulsing cosmic horror. Tiny Dancer is the latest incarnation of this expression and ideal. This isn't a space craft to rule the universe or take on Galaxy Class space cruisers. No this is a ship that comes from a long line and tradition of adventurer's ships. This is the type of ship that you might see in a used space lot out around the rings of Alpha Centuri. The type of craft that's being sold  with smiling used space craft dealer staring you and your rubes down over a pair of wrap around cyber shades. He's calculating how much he can take you all for and how much he can get for your party when he sells you into slavery and get's his Chihuahua class ship back on the lot.

GRAB IT RIGHT HERE RIGHT UNDER THE "BTW, we hit the $3,500 mark (as I knew we would), so here's the Tiny Dancer infiltrator starship map" dropbox link

So why I'm so excited by the release of yet another space craft for the 'Girls Gone Rogue' Kickstarter? Well because its a perfect vessel to get your adventurers into all kinds of trouble with the Federation and the various factions that your going to be putting them up against in Girls Gone Rogue. What makes these really nice is the fact that the Transpace System Corporation's Chihuahua class ship  can in fact be added right into ANY old school space opera. That also means that Alpha Blue can easily be converted to your favorite old school retro clone space opera system. You as the DM could set the tone and level of erotism that you want as in none at all if your audience wants.

This also looks like a star ship with some teeth and according to the latest update the adventure will have an updated ship to ship combat matrix and table;"Also, I finally (it went through six iterations before I got it just right) finished the ship-to-ship d12 combat table." Once again I have a feeling that these ships are going to revolve around the junk yard of Boba Fatt and his space hotties. Which is very interesting  because I get hints and echos of certain West End game Star Wars products that have bleed into Venger's imagination and there are some very interesting traces in the DNA of Tiny Dancer. There are bits of the fighters from the old NBC's ' Buck Rogers' television show, a bit of the ship from 'Ice Pirates' and a hint of the ship from 'Star Chaser The Legend of Orion'. This gives the ship that extra boost of awesomeness and puts me in the right frame of mind to get even more on board with starting the mental process of getting a Girls Gone Rogue campaign together. But that can wait for the moment. I can wait to see what comes up next for Girls Gone Rogue.

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