Monday, February 1, 2016

'Down & Out In Golonor' A Warriors Of The Red Planet Rpg Actual Play Event Part II 'Into The Lost Temple Of Thuris'

 Our brave party of adventurers managed to penetrate the interior of the Great Swamp and fought off two plant monsters and made their way onto the path to the ruined temple of Thuris. The ruins were supposedly abandoned. This event was continued from last week's game. 

 The party in this past week's Warriors of the Read Planet second edition game managed to penetrate the temple of Thuris after dealing with a few red men cultists in the swamps  and they heard the echoing chanting from below in the temple. The passages downwards were slick with swamp mud and blue rime. The inner temple walls and tunnels were covered in swamp Rathvine and the stuff gave the party some nasty turns until they began burning and freezing it with some rays from their party's scientists. Two tunnel turns later they came face to face with a 4th level panth warrior who gave them some trouble. They managed to dispatch him before the alarm could be raised. Falazgl Elvated  Animal Wolf warrior managed to get in a throat shot with his short sword ending the issue.

Inglandurgodo The Ripper one of the party's scoundrels went to work on a nearby temple door. He almost bought it against a Sassam wizard's familiar. The party came face to face with a wizard and his familiar. So it was all hands on deck for this fight. Grenades and lots of running ensued as one of the PC's was fried and trapped. We shall miss Zs'nal Elevated Insect Fighting Man 2nd level played by Robbie and speak of his deeds around the campfire. As guards came running to the scene of the fire and magick fight. The PC's high tailed it out of the room but not before grabbing some treasure and hid fast behind some fallen masonry. They came straight into a hidden room and the scoundrels check for traps and weird mechanisms.

The party ended up in a room full of decomposed bodies of warriors with harnesses and weapons;when the first of the skeletal panths rose from the ersonite table the mayhem began. There were way too many of them to deal with effectively. They party became bogged down in this necrotic laboratory. Chalimmabel Of The Open Mind 3rd level mentalist let loose telekinetically with flying debris and caused a bit of damage among the undead horrors ranks. But they just kept coming! Will our heroes survive? What the hell is wrong with the Temple of Thuris?! What is the
Gugot-zakrsh Loghagn-stau A Hither tribal merchant and mentalist of some renown's connection to this place and what have our heroes gotten themselves into?

This adventure will be continued next week as the weird atmosphere and terrible circumstances seem to close in our heroes! Who will survive? What dread powers are at work in the deep jungle temple? Tune in next week!

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