Thursday, January 21, 2016

'Down & Out In Golonor' A Warriors Of The Red Planet Rpg Actual Play Event

So last night I set up PC's for The Warriors of the Red Planet Rpg system with six friends, since everyone has read the Edgar Rice Burroughs books I decided to fall back to another plan. I set the game in the back yard of
Lieut. Gullivar Jones: His Vacation as well the polar swamp city of Golonor. The city is home to a thriving population of outcasts, wanderers, and traders from both the Hither tribes ( an ERB Orovar's people with well developed psychic abilities) and the the Thithers who are a red man deviation. Golonor is a floating city state in the extreme north of Mars and still boasts some of the lost Martian technologies that Green and red tribes have lost making it a destination for fighting men, scoundrels, mentalists, and scientists alike.

Character prep and roll up took no time at all as I was playing with experienced OD&D players and though I brought along my hard back of the White Star Rpg rule book it really wasn't necessary at all. Warriors of the Red Planet Provided us with every thing we needed. Golonor is a rough pirate and outlaw town with lots trades going on and floating   wretched hive of scum and villainy right in the heart of the Martian polar region. Just about anything goes including PC's if your not careful.

The roster of PC's went something like this; Mike
playing Falazgl Up Lifted Animal Wolf stock fighting man 2nd level, Billy taking a Hither outlaw scoundrel 1st level called
Inglandurgodo The Ripper, Jackie playing her 3rd level mentalist
Chalimmabel Of The Open Mind whom she ported over from the beta version of WoRP, Kelacathono  Of 'Bloody Wrench' 3rd level scientist and renegade philosopher (former member of the Hither tribe) played by Jason, Zs'nal Up lifted Insect Fighting Man 2nd level played by Robbie, and Ugughogurug The Undying a second level scoundrel played by Billy's brother Brettly. The group was brought together in a Martian villa by

Gugot-zakrsh Loghagn-stau A Hither tribal merchant and mentalist of some renown. The party  got  together and they were given funds to equip themselves for a mission in the Greater Swamp near  'The Ice Valley of the Dead' where the lost temple of Thuris is situated. Find the temple and recover relics belonging to the merchant's family to restore the family honor. Rshasignot was their patron's agent and monitored their purchases and provided the party with a swamp boat to get to the temple and a bit of coin to get a few extra bits and pieces of equipment.

A quick roll on the random encounters chart below and the PC's were in the middle of a melee with some swamp pirates.
1d20 Random Encounters In The Greater Swamp Table
  1. 1d6 Greater swamp pirates (1st level fighting men) on the hunt for easy prey and rich pickings in a medium sized swamp runner. 
  2. 1d3 hanging giant carnivorous plants capable of eating a man sized victim. Their vines drape over the swamp waters. 
  3.  Martian swamp mold  on the hunt for  victims and perhaps your PC's!
  4. 1d3 swamp plant men! Same stats as wasteland version see WoRP rule book 
  5. Pack of giant telepathic serpents on the hunt for prey, woolly and very poisonous 
  6. Floating poisonous violet fungus colony that will attack when it gets within 20 feet of the party
  7. Swamp Silan nest that lashes out at prey, very venomous and dangerous 
  8. 1d3 Giant Sith hornet nest 
  9. Hither mentalist out with his bodyguards on their way to one of the floating city states 10% chance of attacking. 5th level mentalist with some dangerous abilities. 
  10. Greater Swamp troll on the hunt 
  11. Giant swamp spider with double hit points on the hunt for prey to feed her babies. 
  12. Alien  Umpalla tree attacks as an ent for those venturing through its territory
  13.  Rykors trader fighting man with 1d6 2nd level bodyguards on swamp boat
  14. Giant malagor on the hunt for man sized or smaller prey (giant hawk or eagle)
  15. Tree hanging arbok of double hit points on the watch for prey and with a poisonous bite. 
  16. 1d6 Swamp dwelling ogres
  17. 1d5 Hither Traders on swamp boats 
  18. 1d6 mercenaries on an a mission for a rich overlord 
  19. Swamp ghouls pack of 1d8 muck dwellers
  20. Swamp dragon attack a monsters straight out of myth and legend.

The Greater Swamp isn't a place for the faint of heart and the PC's tangled with some second level swamp pirates who were watching them in the markets equipping themselves and after shots were fired and the PC's came away with a bit of coin for their troubles and some very dead pirates . Next comes the lost temple of Thuris.

Note that I used quite a bit of Swords and Wizardry to pad out the regions Golonor and also all of the minis were from Bronze Age Miniatures.

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