Saturday, July 16, 2016

Review & Commentary On Pamphlet 1: Fields of Forsaken From D-oom Products For Your Old School Campaigns

From time to time DM's sometimes need a place that isn't quite Heaven or Hell, Pamphlet 1: Fields of Forsaken From D-oom Products  might just be what the doctor ordered!

Those faithless who die end up in the
endless Fields. In the middle of the void,
where ever you venture, The Church
stands inviting. But no one can enter, until the Time of Judgement..

Do you want or need a plane of the afterlife that can easily be dropped into your favorite sword and sorcery campaign or horror rpg? Do you need it as a pay what you want title? Well that's exactly what Fields of the Forsaken is, an afterlife limbo style dimension that you can drop into your old school campaign. This piece takes the form of one part modern poetry and two parts dream but mostly what it is actually is a possible player hand out.
Doom Products belongs to  Thaumiel Nerub  whose someone whom I consider a friend. I like his writing and his products a lot and over the last year I've looked over and read a few things that have come across my desk. This one is a bit harder to classify in the usual sense of it fits comfortably into box a or b. In sixteen pages we get a complete other dimensional location in the after life. Given the propensity of PC's in games interacting with the horrific, undead, their own death, and more issues with death in games. This book is a welcome addition to a DM's arsenal.
This adventure location reminds me of some of the handouts and adventure hooks in the rpg game Kult .This is because of the alternative take on purgatories, where humans are held captive and tortured after death. Fields of Forsaken takes this concept & uses it to take the PC's into a  dreamlike realm of the dead. There's a lot more going on but I don't want to spoil some of the concepts of Fields of the Forsaken. Go take look and you'll see what I mean. But surely this has nothing to do with D&D? Well the second edition AD&D  setting of Ravenloft and in a more contemporary setting Jack Shears Tales of the Grotesque  & Dungeonsque books could easily incorporate & benefit from Fields of the Forsaken. A place of the dead where adventurers might find themselves in over their heads in this realm.

How can this pamphlet be used? Well it could be a great found item for the PC's to stumble upon. The true horror of the situation that they find themselves in will be evident to them soon enough. There are a few hooks, twists and situations in Fields of the Forsaken that could be used as a bridge gap especially in games of weird horror such as Lamentations of the Flame Princess or others. Even Dungeon Crawl Classics could benefit from the weirdness of Fields of the Forsaken. There's enough material in the pamphlet to expand upon and DYI Fields of the Forsaken into a customized realm of the dead for your own games.As a pay what want title its got lots of potential. This is only the first in the line of pamphlets from D-oom products. I'll be covering the second title coming up very soon. Four out of five for some very nicely presented ideas. Grab this one.

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