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1d20 Random Wasteland Drugs & Illicit Substances Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Not every relic or treasure that the PC's find in the wastelands is going to  be of  the obvious variety there are some weird drugs can have far out more.


Deep in the heart of the wastelands & death zones there are weird substances that have come about as a result of the violent chemical & often alchemical changes to the very foundations of reality. New materials & substances have come into existence. These items are often unusual or exhibit properties that can be used for mind or reality altering applications. Many of these substance have incredible values to the average wastelander who with a bit of some of these substances can escape their realities in new and unpredictable ways. Many of these substances have taken on new value and appreciation in certain esoteric and Bohemian circles. These drugs and other illicit substance create their own magnet of reality around them.

1d20 Random Wasteland Drugs
& Illicit Substances Encounter Table
  1. Engorima Blaster - This powder has been created by the atomic blasts hitting certain types of glass in odd places. Blaster tears away sanity and increases wisdom scores temporarily. These scores increase by two temporary points that after 1d4 hours will fade away. 
  2. Fauglila - Is an ego boaster and taking it will negate any psychic intrusive telepathy  or mental  powers on the target. The target is enveloped in a wall of weird pop culture thoughts gleaned from across the dimensional divide.
  3. Goturorm Balls - Made from the pineal glands of the cyclop tree sloth, this stuff is guaranteed to get the owner high as a kite from the neural path ways being charged with weird radiations. The owner rides out the charged high with 1d4 temporary intelligence points.
  4. Harturd Powder  - Made from the concentrated souls of the victims of the apocalyptic events, the owner of this drug has 1d20 hours of vivid hallucinations of the events of the apocalypse. There is a 20 % chance of the victim of this drug either going temporarily insane or gaining a weird wasteland insight into some lost technology or other event.
  5. Iazg - Made from the spun crystalline husks of certain esoteric spider mutants shells, this stuff creates weird disjointed time cross over with their present and the victim's past. The victim or user of this technology is able to undue certain past events. The victim gains three temporary constitution points but has a forty percent chance of going temporarily insane. 
  6. Weliniavaircau the Far Wanderer - This drug has been created by the passage of glass through certain dimensional gates. This enables the drug user to have instance access to the nearby realities. The victim has a forty percent chance of gaining a temporary mutation. This drug is favored by the hard corer glowing freaks.
  7. Kazg - Made from the mutant shell of a newly defeated roach, this stuff enables the owner to telepathically link with random nearby telepathic mutant or normal brains. The owner rides the current trace of telepathic  life from one pattern to another.
  8. Korcheg Orbs - This isn't so much a drug as it is a set of circumstances, the user experiences the fossilized bits of time that the apocalypse froze in shattered reality. The user experiences a sliver of an alternative life or world for 1d6 hours. The user gains 1d6 temporary hit points while under the influences
  9. Lauir this drug was created by the interaction of psychic abilities and powers with reality. At certain times the owner can access the powers of the mind and create 1d4 minor psychic abilities for 1d6 +2 hours.
  10. Lirorgunchazg This drug is made from the adult body of certain plant mutants and the bodies of the victims of the apocalypse. The victim's mind is shunted into the realm of the planet's plant hive mind. The victim may be able to communicate with certain ancient mutant plant creatures.
  11. Thildulathab is made from the discarded scales of ancient serpent men, the owner gains the ability to read and write in the dead serpent men's god like tongue & operate their machinery.
  12. Lavand - Created from the ancient gases and oozes found within the undergrounds of Boston, this stuff will keep for months and one whiff of it and the owner is able to place his mind in the dreams of such creatures. The victims gain 1d4 ooze based mutations. 
  13. Ncarimmabe -Has been created from the tree bark of seven different species of mutant plants. This paste like substance can be rolled or smoked. It takes the owner and gives him three planet like abilities.
  14. Nglrtuil powder enables the user's mind to travel back 200+ years in a whirl wind of confusion and hallucinations. The user might gain a powerful set of 1d10 mutations or 20% chance of being able to operate any simple relic or artifact they come across.
  15. Ngluila This powder is made from the ground up parts of certain mutant animals and enables the user to gain 1d20 animal mutations. The user can understand mutant animals as if he was born to.
  16. Ogrilka - This stuff is made from the glands of several ancient humanoid races of legend. The drug enables the owner to temporily take on the form of a Mok for 1d20 hours.
  17. Saugli This drug is made from the sliced up mind of three different mutant adventurers, the user can engage any of these powders
  18. Thaugia This drug comes from the land of dreams and all of the ground up Fey that go into its production. The user is able to taste fey powers and has a sampler of 1d20 temporary powers. They also experience all of the the glory and weirdness that the drug. 
  19. Thmalan - This isn't so much a drug as it is a strange combination of certain crystals, the user gains machine telepathy and can't shut it off. They have a range of line of sight.
  20. TuimimelTuirort -Created by dangerous post apocalyptic forces this substance enables the owner to open the doors to perception

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