Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rumble In The Lair of the Kobolds At The Keep On The Borderlands From Last Night's Fantastic Heroes & Witchery Actual Play Event

Where the action is in last night's game!

The Monday players were dealing with the lizard men & their machinations, in the woods near the Keep and the Caves of Chaos. Someone had sold the lizard men some very early laser weapons & the whole night was a comedy of errors for them as they tried to work out how to use them. They went back to good old hand to hand tactics with the Monday night crew. It was a fun game & is happening weeks before the events of last night's game. This is all tucked in with & dovetailed in with this. So now we're moving on with the show. 

Man last night was a blast, I got together my friends & everyone got the chance in the spot light. The PC's came across the heart and soul of the kobolds lair and the entire night was one huge encounter with a wizard and his minotaur bodyguard. This was after the encounter with the slavers last game who were the bandits from the Keep of the Borderlands module redressed to be from Atlantandria Port Cityof Accursed Atlantis.

The Dwarven priest & the minotaur went toe to toe with the party providing back support. The melee lasted half of the game! The Dwarven priest got as good as he got and the dice gods favored my player Herbie last night. He really did get some good hits but the minotaur was exceptionally nasty.

The wizard was twisted & mutated from dallying with chaos sometime in the past, his stats were rolled up from Cults of Chaos on the fly mixed in with the Hermit from the Keep on the Borderlands.  His Far Eastern leopard body/familiar closed with the rest of the party and they had to close ranks to deal with him. Bob's psychic and  Ian's fey mage squared off whist Forrest's PC dealt with the wizard. Meanwhile off the trail and down the road a lone acrobat/thief was observing a double cross between the lizardmen & some kobold warriors. The kobold's chief had decided to double cross the lizardmen and strip out the slaver's vehicles in an alliance with the rat men. The rat men would have triple crossed everyone with the hermit in the Caves of Chaos.

That didn't work out as the players took umbridge with the Kobolds making alliances with the wizard and minotaur. Several of the PC's took heavy damage from the minotuar & the Dwarven priest really got it, he almost dipped past the point of no return but Bob's psychic was able to get in some last minute healing and help but this took him out of the game for his abilities for the night.
Meanwhile the Kobold warriors had drugged the lizard men and were dragging them back into the cave system where the half of the party was reigning death and destruction while the other half was watching their asses. The Kobold warriors ran smack into the player's back up & it wasn't pretty. Meanwhile the PC's weren't going to let that wizard get off a spell and fired weapons on him and his familiar.  This left the Dwarven priest completely open and the minotaur got in a few more wacks bringing him still closer to death's door. The big cat closed with the party's psychic & magic user, this was an exceptionally hairy moment for our heroes. The damn dice gods suddenly turned on me and they were able to get some good hits on our twisted bundle of chaos. He proceeded to dissolve for the rest of the evening but our wizard got away after losing a minor relic magic item. His teleport spell worked and was that his familiar or something else? Hmmm

Russ's acrobat/thief came tumbling into the whole affair and blasted the four Kobold warriors from outside. Then Forrest managed to get in on the rat men ambassadors with a lucky spell!  The whole thing lasted seconds & two mutant rat men went to their makers! Finally it was time for the Kobold chieftain to go down. Wait a minute what about the party's Dwarven priest? Forget about him for the moment and its get into it with the Kobold chieftain. Then with a fumbled dice roll the party's Elven fae mage cast an armor spell on the kobold chieftain giving him an edge against the party! Wait what ??! Never mind go for the bastard!
Our Kobold chieftain proved to be more of a hazard to the party then at first they thought and they got into it it good. They really got what for & he got some good licks in but finally after a series of lucky dice rolls they were able to take him down!

So what happens now!?
Did I happen to mention that the wizard is the Hermit's brother?!
Say did anyone heal the Dwarven priest? Anyone?!

Does the party of adventurers lick their wounds, heal up and continue or do they go back to tie up some loose ends in the meantime? Find out next week!

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